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Flat butt
April 24, 2008, 3:57 pm
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I’m in my Flat Butt part of the year.  This is the part of the year when I’m firmly planted in a chair reviewing reports, balancing budgets, emailing families, working out accounts, going to the bank almost daily (sitting on my flat butt in the car), and basically just being thankful for a laptop so I can take it to the kitchen and work on stuff while the ground beef is defrosting for yet another version of tacos.  I’m also thankful for that small hiatus because in the kitchen I’m usually standing.
I know I’ve said it once, but I will say it again.  I want to CRY with gratitude when I think about Distybug who God (and the board of the school) sent to help me this year.  I’m working way more than normal this time of year, but unfathomably less than I would be if she weren’t around to help me.  (Picture tears welling up in my eyes, and my cold-stone heart quivering.)  Who knew that this year of all years we would be making year-end, first of year tuition including a new thing where fees are rolled in, PLUS TWO major fund raisers are all in the same month.  (Here come the tears again… oh boy.) 
Please, people, if you know a board member for a school– any school– thank them for the hard work they do.  It’s hard, thankless work.  And they do it for the love of the children.  (No, I am not on the board.  If they asked me I would roll on the floor and belly-laugh.) 
And a total shameless here, but if you have the ability and God puts in on your heart, would you give to the scholarship fund?  If you don’t know the school locally I work at that I love, then one around you that has a reputation for serving the Lord and reaching children who are in need.  There are children who may not get to return to the school if they do not get scholarships and that would be tragic.  With building funds and things like that going on, it is easy to overlook giving to scholarship funds but our school DOES have one and every cent is given based purely on genuine need.  An outside source evaluates families based on their income and gives us a report (I do not have anything to do with this; I just know how they do it) and then based on the school’s resources they distribute everything they have to families.  And let me tell you, it’s never enough.  The biggest blessing I have seen at our school is the families who "can’t" come that God opens a door for.  The faith of the children is increased, as well as the parents, and it is a beautiful thing.  Ok, I’m finished now. 
I’m really ready to get my flat butt to the pool.  But I have work to do.  I have to get it done before it opens. (Of course there will still be work to do, but you know what I mean.)


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I have witnessed a noticeable difference to you this busy Spring season. You are much more calm and hyperventilate less….all thanks to DISTybug!! Oh and that wise and all knowing board who knew you were on your last flat butt cheek….

Comment by caroline

Amen sister! (about our board!) I was on a school board for nine years. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done! That’s why I appreciate our board soooo much. I see the ORDERLY way they handle things. They are so wise and Godly, and mature, and respectful of the teachers and parents. I could go on and on with praise for them. They are truly called by God and I believe our school is blessed because of them!!!!

Comment by Wendy

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