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I (should) have issues
April 24, 2008, 10:44 pm
Filed under: I plead ignorance

A friend of mine has a private blog where she was laughing about being a Polynesian child in a play when she was young… but she is fair skinned with very blonde hair.  Her mom dyed her hair black– or tried to– and it turned green. 
That led me to start a very lengthy comment that I decided would be better served by just becoming a post where we can all laugh at me and my issues and I can get a little tension breaker from my flat buttness.   
When I was in school– I think like 7th grade– I was to portray a slave in the play Man Without A Country.  Made for interesting make-up since I also am fair with light brown hair and blue eyes.  I had to speak a line in Portuguese which is hilarious because with my natural anal tendencies, I’m sure I more tried to pronounce those words than just throw out some gibberish to sound like it was another language.  As if I needed to speak to those Portuguese people in the audience that night– they might need to understand, with my thick Southern accent, what I was saying… Something about "not seeing my family for ‘seis meses!’" or something.   
Another bizarre portrayal– somewhere we have pictures of me dressed up like an African native for Halloween after my grandparents, who were missionaries there, brought me the whole outfit/costume from there.  This is a picture you will never see on this blog as I think it’s horribly insulting for all the people of other races and it’s embarrassing from that standpoint.   Honestly, y’all, I’m not kidding when I say there was nothing ill meant about it other than my grandparents brought the costume right from Kenya and we just didn’t think anyone would "get it" if I didn’t shoe polish up my face.  And arms.  And feet.  At least I get it honest, folks.  Again, interesting make-up job, and why on earth did my parents think it would be a good idea for me to go trick-or-treating in downtown Birmingham in black-face?  I’m surprised I lived to tell the tale.  I think they were trying to get rid of me.  Someone should speak to my mom about this.  Really though, my dad used to tell me my real father was black– the problem with this not being that it was bad to be black or course; just that he was denying my parentage.  I really think I should get some therapy. 
I’m going to go suck my thumb now. 


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OK, so what you’re saying is you lived in the hood, dressed in black face, think maybe your real dad is black…….

Girl- shouldn’t you have a better tan?



Comment by Wendy

At least you have time to ponder all this with crunch time going on! Hee, hee. OH, WHAT I WOULD PAY TO SEE THAT PICTURE!

Comment by distybug

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