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May 1, 2008, 10:50 pm
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Ok, so WHO watched Lost tonight? 
This show slays me! 
I knew it was going to be Kate in the shower.  KNEW it. 
Did anyone else get the impression that by this point Jack knows he’s related to Aaron?  The whole "You aren’t even related to him!" thing made me think that.  Dunno why. 
WHY would Claire go off with her dad?  He’s a jerk? Evil!  EVIL!  And leave Aaron?  I’m guessing it’s a weird trick of the island.  I wanna know why she never comes back for him.  CAN she?  Is she held against her will?
I’m thinking we are getting close to them leaving the island. 
I’m thinking Jack gets to leave because he’s sick.  Kate gets to leave with the baby to take care of him.  Sun gets to leave because she’s pregnant.  Why does Hurley get to leave?  Sayid is already off the island but what about Michael?  He’s off the island.  Why isn’t he one of the Oceanic 6?  I don’t get that. 
This show… I love it but it’s making me crazy!!!
Your thoughts?


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I think I missed something a long the way. I didn’t know Jack is related to Aaron! So much info to process with this show, it all gets “lost” in my mind. 🙂


Comment by Nash

OK, I had theories on why all the Oceanic 6 got off the island. They pretty much agreed with yours, until last night, when Jack said Sawyer CHOSE to stay on the island.
I’m with you on the last sentence. The show makes me crazy, but I just can’t stop watching.

Comment by marlise

Love, love, LOVE this show!!! I’m already dreading the end of the season. =0(

Comment by Runningamuck

Ok, I was sooo into this show the very first season, but the 2nd season I got “lost”. I did see some of it last night and was still totally “lost”. Oh well! LOL!

Comment by Amanda

Kim. I’m with ya–this show is driving me crazy, but I can’t stop til it stops!! I’m guessing Jack finds out and is bitter towards his Dad’s affair with Claire’s mom, and that’s why he didn’t want to see/know Aaron in the previous flash-forward?? Such wholesome family goodness 🙂 Can’t wait til next week!

Comment by Heidi

OK, I’m a total TV buff, but I have never seen LOST…How did I miss the first season? Whenever you want to talk Survivor, Biggest Loser, 24 (when is THAT coming back?), Grey’s Anatomy, etc…I’m in! But for this blog…I’m LOST!

Comment by Wendy

What about when Jack tells Kate that he saved her….Sawyer chose to stay. What is up with that?

How many can fit on the helicopter?


The way he says that he saved her makes it sound like it wasn’t one of those decisions that casually took place next to the helicopter.

It was probably crazy…war-like.

Comment by caroline

OK, this has nothing to do with LOST, but I wanted to give you a particularly awesome “high five” for your “shut up dogs” comment on BooMama’s post.
HILAAAAARIOUS and I will totally use that again.
When the kids aren’t present, of course…..
Nice to “meet” you, fellow southerner.

Comment by Robyn

I think Jack does know. Surely this whole Christian Shepherd on the island thing is going to be bigger and bigger…

Comment by oh amanda

I didn’t know this was still on!! I’m so out of the loop. I’ll have to watch this online. Thank God for shows that are available online! =)

Comment by Saph -Walk With Me

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