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American Idol- Top Four
May 6, 2008, 10:34 pm
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I don’t want to dwell on this, but I wanted to sum up my thoughts tonight, and get yours! 

David Cook- Well, a little Duran Duran is always a good thing.  I go back, baby!  That was a good way to start for me.  I liked it a lot and it pumped me up for the show, but I wasn’t blown away.  The second song, I was just kind of sitting there going, "Huh?"  Weird.  I think he could have chosen better.
Jason Castro-  Oh dear, this hurt.  I really like Jason.  I get his mellow, soulful vibe.  But oh my word, I felt terrible for him tonight.  I didn’t hate the first song but I thought the judges were really cruel and harsh with him.  It really wasn’t THAT bad.  I didn’t love it, but they were harsh.  The second song, oh dear, by that point, I was already singing, "Pleeasse, celebrate me homee….."  We’ll miss you Jason, but it’s time.

Syesha Mercado-
  Oh mercy.  The first song, I felt like she was doing dinner theatre or something.  Or some movie where she was on stage in some martini bar or something– shakin’ her moneymaker and all.  UGH.  I felt awkward watching her, and a little uncomfortable.  The second song, I thought she looked very pretty but wanted to put the triangle of fabric back over her cleavage to spare my staring boys but the song was (yawn) boring.  The crying?  Oh please.  Spare me.

David Archeletta or however you spell it-
  I’m laughing because he’s the teddy bear and he’s sucking up to all the teenyboppers with cell phones– "Beautiful girls, stand by me"  and "Gee, I’ve never gotton to sing a love song on the big stage…"  But he’s got the goods.  He’s very gifted and I very much enjoyed his songs.   He really does deserve to be there.  Both songs were really good and he sang them well.  Our only complaint was, hello?  Isn’t this supposed to be ROCK AND ROLL?  I was practically lulled to sleep by his choices they were so tame.  All I could think of him doing was singing his children to sleep one day or crooning to some little sweetie… but rock and roll?  Um, me thinks not. 

Who should go?
  Oh dear, you know it’s Jason. 

Who will go?  That’d be Jason.

Top two will be…?
The Davids

The winner?
I think David A, and it’s all good so that David Cook can "cook" his own deal.  David A needs the guidance from AI, but David Cook is ready to do his own thing and not be told what to do every step of the way and be over-produced. 


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Soooo agree with you – enjoyed your post! 🙂

Comment by Mamacita

Agree with most every part. Jason was um…horrible. Time to depart.

I had one of those teenyboppers voting last night for the great David A.!

Top two…Davids

Win the whole enchilada…David A.

Comment by caroline

Oh, Jason!!! He is my favorite! I’m sad to see him go..But he seemed ready to get outta there. Waiting on his CD to come out!!!!

Comment by katester

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