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Hello, my name is Kim and I have a problem
May 6, 2008, 11:58 am
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I know you want me to write more HDWGH/SSWTR but I have to take a day or two (or five) to gather myself together, do laundry, cook, clean the kitchen, and catch up on school work.  My dear friend and work-partner  Distybug is out of town which makes me want to panic (not really.  I’m coping.  But I miss her!)  I’ve been given some new tasks on top of the normal ones which make me wish I was on some type of medication, but I will deal. 
In the mean time, I find my weakness in having a laptop with internet in my lap.  If I go online, I will waste tons of time here and at every other blog out there avoiding what I should be doing.  And I can’t do that right now.  I REALLY can’t.
Jojo is home sick today and he has State Cup this weekend, so we HAVE to get him well. 
I will try to update the ol’ Twitter in the sidebar which I’m still learning about.  I will probably screw it up so bear with me. 
When I come back, I should have the next bits of the story for you so hang in there!!!


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OK, I just started reading ALL the installments and I’m so hooked. Tell me more! It’s so funny the stories people at Evangel have. God DEFINITELY leads people here! It is so cool to see how He works!

Comment by wendy

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