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Good news/ Bad News
May 10, 2008, 5:21 pm
Filed under: Soccer IS life!

Well we are home from day one of state cup playoffs and we come home with 2 tough wins.  Yay!  This puts us in the final round for next weekend.  We are really stoked about this great opportunity!

The bad news is that Jojo is out for the count– during the second game when he went in, he looked awful and played, well, not long.  I noticed that after a while he was sitting with his head in his hands and not looking up.  It was obvious something was wrong.  I eventually went over (I don’t think I’ve EVER gone over to the bench.  I’m not "that kind of mom.") and asked what was wrong.  His eyes were bloodshot and he looked awful.  His hands were shaking like crazy and he said his head was killing him.  He was out of water so I went and got him some and gave him a motrin.  He didn’t get back in the game.  😦 

He slept the whole way home (almost 2 hours) and when we arrived his temp, with motrin, was 101.2. 

So that rules out play for tomorrow.  Even if he’s better it’s not worth risking getting his teammates sick.  His throat is killing him too, so we are likely going back for another strep test and at the least going to get some stronger cough medicine.  He has a deep rattly cough too.  Not great when you are running for 70 minutes straight. 

So say a prayer for our boy.  He’s discouraged and miserable. 


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So sorry about Jojo. We’ll keep him in our prayers. Glad for the wins though.

Comment by distybug

Poor fellow…I know he must be sick about being sick!
We’ll be praying for him!

Comment by ANdrea

Poor JoJo! I am sorry he is sick. I have had something for over a week now. It is NO fun!

Comment by kent

Oh man. 😦 Tell JoJo that we are so sorry that he is sick and disappointed. That just breaks my heart for him to have gotten this far.
Do you ever read Lysa Terkeurst’s blog? She has a girl in Gymnastics and right at the most important meet, she got sick or injured (can’t remember), but anyway, I thought about that when you told us about JoJo. She posted some really good insight about it if you want to pop on over there…

Comment by Gayle

So sorry, Jojo! We hope you’re feeling better soon… we’ll pray for you,too.

Comment by Meg

This “bug” is making the rounds at your house! I’m sorry you’ve got another sick one. Maybe this will be the last of it, I hope…

Comment by Lori

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