Reformed Grits

May 13, 2008, 10:57 am
Filed under: Life

4 doctors copays… so far
4 antibiotic copays… so far
3 soccer practices missed… so far
2 breathing treatments… so far
2 thermometers going all the time
2 games missed
2 missed days of work… so far
Lots of advil
Lots of tylenol
10 total days of school missed… so far
1 shot in the hiney
4 half gallons of ice cream
Hours and hours of pointless cartoons
4 loads of laundry today… so far
Bee covered in poop from not having diaper on.
Bee covered in peanut butter from raiding the kitchen. 
Bee covered in marker… just because. 

3 days until we are out for summer… (sigh)


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This school year is sure going out with a BANG!!

This too shall pass…..

Comment by caroline

Oh my! I am so sorry your house is sick–no fun. I will be praying for all of your health and sanity. Let me know if I can help you out. I sure would love to know who in their right mind–obviously they are NOT in their right mind-called you an Idiot!! The nerve of some people. I probably get called things all of the time and just don’t notice!! I for one think you are incredible and amazing at all you do for your family and others!

Comment by kent

antibiotics that work quickly… priceless

do you feel better yet?

Comment by Meg

Awwww, well wishes from a fellow GRITS. Hope things get better soon and your 3 days before summer go by quickly and painlessly.

Comment by Tammy

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