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Y’alls are funny
May 14, 2008, 10:03 am
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I have gotton a HUGE kick out of the folks who have emailed and commented about my "idiot" experience.  Hilarious!  I just want you to know, I really didn’t think as much of it as y’all did!  I really was TRYING to make the point that I will fail and do wrong and screw up, but that’s ok.  People will point out my flaws and imperfections and that’s ok.  I’ll get called names, and that’s ok! 
But lemme tell ya, y’all are like mother lions about me and I am very grateful and humbled to have friends like you. 
I don’t hold a grudge against this person– I really don’t– but I do wonder how hard it must be to live in a house with a man who loses his temper over something so small and is not quick to forgive.  I feel bad for his wife and children, and hope that maybe he’s really not like that but that maybe he just had a bad day.  Maybe he dropped one … that day and that was why he was so cranky. 


I’m done now. 

Thank yall. 


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I told you that we should pray for him because he’s unaware that the wrath of The Bloggers is upon him.
Bless his heart.

Comment by Gayle

First of all I love your posts. But I need to speak on this subject. If you think controlling yourself is hard on this, try working with middle school kids (young life) and hearing all the atrocities their parents,step parents, and fellow school mates do to kids now adays. We live in a “its about me” society, crazy win win and its at the expense of our kids. Whats more important, a sit down family dinner or attending six sporting events? From what I see its dinner, its family. The same anxiety you write about in your life,they feel. They carry it. Sadly they are pressured to compete. They look to us to set the bar as to what that will look like.
I really want to hear what you think about this.

Comment by Sandy Dobbins

Is it just me but I can’t understand Sandy’s comment? What are you trying to say, Sandy?

Comment by caroline

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