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LOST thing
May 16, 2008, 6:58 pm
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Ok there is too much swirling in my aching head to post about this awesome show.  A couple things:

-Did ANYONE else notice the use of the white rabbit’s foot?  The whole white rabbit thing has been woven into the whole series and I have not seen ANYONE else mention this on any other blog or board about last night’s show.  One of the pilots bringing the Oceanic 6 back to civilization was rubbing one.  Hurley’s dad had one on the keys he handed to Hurley for the car as well!  What is the deal with the white rabbit and this show?  It most assuredly means SOMETHING.  Anyone’s thoughts?

-Best line of the night– Hurley’s mom:  "Jesus Christ is NOT a weapon."  Just about wet myself on that one. 

-A big "OOO yeah!!!" for Sun telling her bad daddy off!  WHOOHOO!  "No, you will respect ME!"  Go girl! 

-Is it just me or is anyone supposed to believe that Aaron is 5 weeks old?  You kidding me?  And a preemie at that?  Are we supposed to think that the island made him healthy and strong for a 5 week old, or is that just some clueless man who does casting? 

I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts later but I’m eager to hear yours– especially if you noticed the rabbit’s foot or know anything about the white rabbit. 
People who don’t watch Lost must think I’m insane for talking like this. 


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I thought the same thing about Aaron’s age. Please!

And I noticed both rabbit’s feet (foot?) but didn’t make the connection to the episode title of the same. COOL!

Comment by oh amanda

I noticed the rabbit’s foot TOO! The pilot and then the keys from Hurley’s dad. Weird.

I thought it was a stretch to believe she was 6 months prego, surviving a crash, then delivering the baby. Yeah. Right.

I wonder who thought up the whole lies. Oceanic Six? Widmore? Ben?

Did you notice that the flash forwards are getting closer to the time they were on the island? The first flash forward was of Jack going crazy trying to get back to the island. I think that was the one farthest in the future….or closer to present time….or whatever.

I just loved Jack’s reaction when he found out that Claire was his sister and that baby is his nephew.

Comment by caroline

Oh and did you notice the look that scary research guy gave the crazy red head gal on the beach as he ferries the first group? They know something but no one seems to care to ask. Grrrrrrrrrrr…………..

Comment by caroline

Insane?? No. Just enjoying your show. Sorry, though. I don’t watch it.

Comment by distybug

yea, we laughed pretty hard at the thought that aaron would be 5 weeks old. but then, i gave birth to an almost 9 pounder and by the time she was 5 weeks old she was already 11 pounds!

Comment by sarah

I’m coming over from Boomama’s post mentioning the B’ham get-together.

You’re absolutely right about the rabbit’s foot and Hurley. The rabbits were at the Orchid station, right? I can’t wait for the finale!

Comment by Leslie

Yeah, something is definitely going on between the science guy and Charlotte. They have an odd relationship anyway. The rabbit feet were obviously supposed to be something in this episode..since they were used so much…but what?!?! 🙂 The season finale is on our wedding anniversary…we’re so torn! What to do, what to do!! 🙂

Comment by Heidi

Kim, I had already surmised that you are a person of class and good taste, but now that I know you’re a fellow “Lost” fan–well, that seals the deal! 🙂

I have read at least one discussion board that mentioned the rabbits’ foot thing–I can’t remember which one(s)! My favorite “Lost” sites are the USA Today Pop Candy blog,, and

I’m going to suffer severe withdrawal after this season’s finale…

Comment by Cindy Swanson

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