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Beg, borrow, or steal
May 20, 2008, 4:20 pm
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We are in need of a break.  We, meaning, Mr. Grits and I.  Alone.  Away from the beloved children.  And school.  And soccer.  In the vicinity of restaurants. 
I have spent WAY too many hours today, and in the last 2 weeks, searching for a place to go.  Ideally, it would be the beach but my beloved won't go to the beach unless he can open the doors and see the ocean and feel the breeze.  But neither of us want to pay out the ying-yang for the privilege.  Actually, it's not that we "won't" but more like we "can't."  Anyone got an inside tip on an affordable, small clean ON THE BEACH place we can go and rise at 10 and dig our toes into the sand and not move until time for showers so we can go out to eat?
Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Thinking Destin area places.  Again, ideally, but beggars can't be choosers. 


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Let me know if you find a place… we’ll meet you there. I’d make you look really skinny in your bathing suit!! 🙂

Oh wait… you said “alone”


Comment by Meg

You’re gonna hate me, but we JUST got back (and passed your exit both ways). We went to Pensacola Beach and got a condo across from the beach on the sound side, but there was an ocean and a sound view. Just had to cross the street to dig the toes in. It was $750 for a week and it was NICE. No frills- no hot tub or pool, but it was comfortable and fairly cheap. There was one in Navarre for $550 a week, but we chose the Pensacola one.

We LOVED our getaway!!! Hope you work out the details!

Comment by Kristi

OK. Found the URL- they’re not booked AT ALL, so they lowered the prices!!! It was a very decent and clean place for the price!!!

Comment by Kristi

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