Reformed Grits

Thoughts on American Idol… Liiiiivvve!
May 21, 2008, 9:03 pm
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Ok, not really "live blogging" because we are halfway through the finale… But a couple things…

  • Really.  Enough with the cheesy choreography on the group numbers.  I'm embarrassed for them… Hey, I'm embarrassed WITH them.  And I'm really tired of all white clothing.  It's just not complimentary to see guys in white pants and shoes.  They look like… "murses." 
  • The David and David number… ok it was actually really good.  I bet it's a big iTunes moneymaker tomorrow.  But… was Little David wearing…. leather pants?  Please tell me they were just shiny. 
  • We had a lot… LOT.. of explaining to do about the whole GURU/ Mike Myers thing.  Or, NOT to do. 
  • I'm not kidding.  If I have to say, "YALL HUSH!!!"  to my kids one more time or "SIT DOWN!"  I'm going postal…
  • Ok the music is AWESOME!  Yall I almost fell out of my chair when Bryan Adams came on!  Me and Mr. Grits both just jumped up and started singing along!  WE LOVE HIM and honestly had just about forgotten he existed.  LOVE his music!!!!  Whoa, talk about music that "takes you back…!" 
  • ZZ TOOOPPPPP!  That is a treat!  My kids were very confused, however.  They said, "Are they just really old guys from like the 60's or something??" 
  • Call me a geezer, but I liked the song with Nash and Brooke White.  It was really sweet and sounded pretty I thought.  
  • Is that…?  DAVID COOK dancing in his undies???  OH MY GOSH.  LOL 
  • Hm.  The Jonas brothers?  I wonder how it would feel to be the ugly brother.  Or the brother who can't play anything but the tambourine.  Did you see him throw it up in the air?  Special.  
  • Wow.  I was really scared Paula was going to have a serious wardrobe malfunction in that dress dancing with the band.  I thought this was a family show??
  • That Apologize song?  That was awesome!  I liked that.  Good job.  I'm predicting David A wins… even thought I "prefer" David Cook… Oh well.  My kids call it the "Kool-Aid" song.  "It's Kool-Aid to 'pologize…"
  • Man, Jack Black doing the Pips reminded me of Chris Farley doing Chippendales.  Anyone??
  • Wow… Carrie Underwood… My kids were distracted from the words to the song thankfully… sadly they were distracted by the fact that they wondering if she had anything on under her coat.  Wow. 
  • AHHHH, David Archeletta is a light-weight!  He wore boxers and wouldn't do that legs over the head move…. Annnnd we are all grateful.  Thank you. 
  • And you have to love a WHAM!/ George Michael flashback!  I SO had those "tapes!"  Love it! AWESOME!  But that was before he was, well you know, playing for the other team…  His glasses were like something out of the 80's.  Two words…. "En Fuego!!!" 
  • WHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  I AM THRILLED THAT DAVID COOK WON!  But I wish my kids would STOP CRYING SO LOUD!!  I CAN"T HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!    SHOCKED.  But Thrilled!  I am so shocked!!!
  • Until next year…. !