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What time is it?
May 23, 2008, 9:33 pm
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Summertime!  It's our vacation!  (haha name that movie!)

Well, we have officially been out of school for a week now.  I know I've been quiet.  I'm relishing the slower pace and the being at home by catching up on the cleaning, laundry, school work, and… life.  Our soccer season ended with a big disappointment– a team we have beat a number of times this season cheated in a key play by boxing in our goalie and pressing him so he couldn't defend a corner kick… and they scored.  We lost that game 1-2, and they went on to win the state title.  Cheaters.  It SO should have been us.  Our team is way better but "unfortunately" we play clean.  Sometimes.  😉

It was nice to just be done.  I don't know what next year will hold as far as soccer.  We've really strongly considered sitting out fall.  That would cinch Jojo to be on the "blue" or 2nd team, but frankly we are not assured he would make the "gold" or 1st team anyway.  Unfortunately, as this stage of the game body mass plays heavily into success.  And at 78 lbs, he is struggling to hold his own against guys nearly twice his weight who look like grown men.  He has great skill, but that's only part of the picture.  We are wondering if giving him some time to grow would allow him to have a "comeback" as well as giving us a break, stresswise as well as financially, as well as spare his struggling confidence.  Nothing's for sure; we are in the praying hard stage. 

The pool opens this weekend and we are really ready for some sun!  The water– not so much.  We have had a really, REALLY mild spring and it's going to be freezing cold.  So much for "global warming." 

And lastly, in this the most boring of posts EVER, Mr. Grits and I have changed gears on the ideas we had for our getaway.  Due to the summertime rates and gas, it's actually cheaper for us to fly to New Orleans for a 3 day adventure.  We are really looking forward to doing something different even if we are disappointed about not going to the beach.  We love to eat out, and are looking forward to some great food!  If you've ever been, we'd love to hear your hints and ideas!!


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High School Musical 2!!!

Funny, I say that to my kids all the time!

Comment by tammy

I can admit I love watching High School Musical 1 & 2. I am such a dork. Thanks, I am now singing the song in my head.

Comment by Becca Mae

Not sure of the prices, but the aquarium is pretty cool. I was there in 2000 and it was one of the best I’d ever visited. Right now Atlanta’s takes the cake with the beluga whale exhibit, but the N.O. one is a very close “second best”.

Comment by sarah

k lived down there for 3 months after katrina, i’ll try to get some info to you.

Comment by silent blog reader

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