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And out of nowhere…
May 24, 2008, 11:20 pm
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It always amazes me that people actually read this blog.  I'm flattered that I have people who are regulars here who "don't know me" in the real world; I actually enjoy many of your blogs as well.  I am doubly flattered that people I DO know actually give a flip about this little blawg and continue to peek into our lives. 
What REALLY blows me over is when I find out that people will just come across this wee spot and read and THEN realize they know me through one connection in their life or another. 
You know who you are, but I've enjoyed the fact that I've gotten to know two lovely mamas who stumbled here through different ways, that I actually went to the same small school with.  Of course I'm practically a FOSSIL and WAY older than them but I'm privileged that you continue reading here. 
What really strikes me is when I find out that "someone out there" — a virtual blast from the past– is reading and I don't even know it.  It's awesome, in the truest sense of the word, the way God weaves that in to the story of our life and brings it 'round to help us. 
We got a call today that can be considered nothing less than an answer to our prayers.  I mentioned in my last post that we were really struggling with and praying about what to do with Jojo concerning the future of  soccer.  We just couldn't get peace about what to do.  It's been a real issue for us lately and a big topic of conversation and prayer for me and Mr. Grits.   I don't know how many times he's said in the last week, "I just don't have any direction or peace.  I wish I just knew what to do."  The call that came today was a real blast from the past– a real treat– from friends we've known since we were teenagers that have walked this road already and had experience.  And of all things, the wife found out about our dilemma through my little ol' blog!  (Hi K!!!  Thank you so much for seeking us out and having J call today.  I can't tell you what a blessing that was.)  I had no clue, but God used it to help us and give us direction. 
So tonight, our decision isn't 100% but we are moving in a direction.  I mean, that's what we prayed for– direction, and I'm sure when we walk in that way we will get the peace as well. 

But I have to wonder… who ELSE is out there??? 


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I’m out here, of course, that’s no real surprise. Plus I’m three days late reading and commenting, but who can be picky.

Comment by distybug

You are so funny! A fossil? You’re not that much older than me! LOL! I love reading your blogs!

Comment by amanda

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