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Good times **edited!
May 25, 2008, 8:35 pm
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We have enjoyed this weekend, like I can't even tell ya!  No where to go.  Nothing to do but ENJOY.  What a privilege!  We do NOT take it for granted, either.   Something that is great too is that Jojo has taken over the majority of the "yard chores" on weekdays when Mr. Grits is at work, so that frees up Mr. Grits to engage with the fam.  We are LOVING that!  (If anyone needs a very hardworking yard guy who works for cheap, call him and he'll do your grass!  He's saving up to buy a laptop. :-)  ) 
This weekend, we have enjoyed the opening of the pool.  It's going to be a real trick with Bee being such a "busy bee" there.  She doesn't really want to go in other than the stairs; she just wants to investigate the EDGE! 
After we did a few hours of pool, the little ones took a nap while Jojo went to a friend's house and Mr. G took the other 3 children to a pond for some fishing.  Poo caught some really big fish, including this one held by Sister:

Today we enjoyed actually getting to all go to church together– no one sick; no one in a soccer tournament; no one working the nursery even!  It was great.  This afternoon after my usual Sunday grocery shopping, we grilled out and ate like kings. 
Tomorrow, Lord willin' we are smoking an 8 pound beef brisket and will be enjoying it with potato salad, baked beans, and grilled corn.  We also plan on going swimming and ending the day with ice cream over at Mr. Grits' parents' house.  We are mostly relishing the fact that he doesn't have school tomorrow night!  It starts again next week so we will enjoy the break while we get it! 
I really hate to just chronicle what we are doing but I'm so overwhelmed with thankfulness that that is all our life consists of right now.  I hope to remind myself that there was a time and a day where we did some fun things not because we were required to or because it was on the church calendar to do or because some event dictated that we had to be there and do a certain thing… but that we really are capable of creating great family memories alone, by God's grace and help of course, and if even for a moment… there was peace…
So what are you all doing?

** I forgot to mention that Saturday AM Caroline called me at 6:40 AM
and said, "I'm coming to get you!"  We enjoyed an early morning at The Pepper Place Market downtown and it was lots of fun loading up on fresh fruits and veggies.  I hope we get to go LOTS this summer!!


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Oh I went to a great farmer’s market with a sweet friend of mine(noticed that didn’t make the cut in the above post), worked in my garden, took my girlies to the zoo, and just had fun with my family. We even caught a lightning bug this evening and let it walk on Eviebee. It scared and excited her at the same time. I love this age!!

Comment by caroline

By the way, that is a huge bass. Mr. Grits was not kidding this morning when he said that they caught some big fish!!

I think my hubby was a little jealous when I showed him the picture. 😉

Comment by caroline


6:40 a.m.??? Wow! 🙂

I love that day for you!

Comment by Meg

Ahh! I totally forgot that the Farmers’ Market started this weekend!

Comment by bee

Sounds like my kind of fun…did y’all keep the fish(s)?
Bass make for a yummy fish fry!

Comment by Andrea

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