Reformed Grits

The following images may be disturbing for some viewers…
May 27, 2008, 9:17 pm
Filed under: Cute kids stuff

I mentioned that 3 of my children went fishing with their daddy on Saturday.  What I DIDN'T mention was that they were also eaten alive by mosquitos and other biting bugs.  Take a look at Sister's legs (used with permission…) No smart-alec comments about the reflection on the oven of me squatting to take the pictures, kay?

Viewer discretion is advised….






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EEEEYOWWWWW!! Nothing like that sweet meat on the kiddos legs for chowing down! Hope you own stock in Benedr*l!

Comment by distybug


This reminds me of my daughter when she was about 4 and she fell into an ant bed at a local park. We had to slather her in caladryl and drug her with liquid benadryl.

Hope those legs get better soon.

Comment by Tammy

Those are some nasty bites…I saw a commercial for some new bug spray with corn starch. It looked worth trying out.

I found it interesting that you labeled this post under cute kid stuff??

Comment by Andrea

Awwwwwww………… poor baby 😦 Hope they clear soon and don’t bother her as much as they look like they do!

Comment by Angie


Comment by Meg

Wow!! Her legs look like Alex’s. I just thought his were bad. He is the one who ventures into the back yard!! I just bought some spray the other day. We are considering a mosquito magnet machine because they literally carry you off in our back yard!
Hope she doesn’t scratch much–all I can think about is the scars!! Cortaid and Benadryl to the rescue!!!!!

Comment by kent


You will have to put socks on her hands so she does not itch the skin off her legs.

Comment by Jen Mom of four

Oh my goodness, poor little thing!!! I hope the itchies don’t last too long She must taste mighty good!!

Comment by Dorian

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