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Lost Season Finale….NOooooooooooooooooooooo!
May 29, 2008, 11:29 pm
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I can't wait another year!  I'm on the floor throwing a temper tantrum that it's all over! 

WOW!  What a great episode!  I'm still "chewing" on it so I don't have a lot to say. 

-Just before the bomb blew, Christian appeared and said, "Now you can go."  I'm guessing this is a throw back to when Michael was trying to kill himself and couldn't and Mr. Friendly told him he couldn't because the island wouldn't let him.  He tried and tried, but couldn't.  So it was interesting that Christian said, "Now you can go."  To me that says, he really IS dead.  I mean, obviously, but it removes all hope I think of anyone being alive. 

-Why do all the Oceanic 6 (plus Walt) refer to John Locke as Jeremy Bentham?  Why did they not just call him Locke?

-Ben looks TOTALLY different in the flash forwards.  I know he looked whooped up on the island, but TOTALLY different.

-Did anyone notice there were some weird clips where it almost looked green-screened?  One, in particular, was when Jack was on the lifeboat.  Jojo said, "It looks…. old."  Yeah, it kind of did.  Whassup with that?

-Claire!  She's freakin' me out.  I mean I know it was just a dream, but we all know it wasn't. 

-The whispers… it happens before someone "teleports?"  Maybe or not, but it seems so.  Does that mean, for instance, that Ecko when eaten by the smoke monster was actually transported out into another dimension or something and possibly DID play checkers with Hurley? 

-And Charlotte saying she was still trying to find where she was born– did she mean the island?  Don't pregnant women and babies die on the island? 

-What happened to Daniel and all the "red shirts" that went on the motor boat to the freighter?  No freighter to go to and no island to go back to.  How was it that Penny's boat didn't find THEM also?

-When I see the things I just wrote, I wonder if I'm just as crazy as Hurley… This show spins me in circles.  I am SOOO going to miss it!!!!! 


I don’t believe we have been properly introduced
May 29, 2008, 4:05 pm
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**Bear with me here.  I must explain that maybe I should be worried about axe murderers or stalkers here but I'm going to this here event, DV. They've asked us to introduce ourselves so here I go.  It'd be EVER so much fun if you'd come too! 

Well, hello there!  My name is Kim and I'm pleased to meet you.  Here is some randomness that probably won't interest you in the least, but nevertheless we'll need something to talk about when we meet fact to face so here ya go: 

This is me: 

When I was 14, I met and fell in love with him: DSC01180

I think his mom, who is great, got this outfit for him while he was modeling for Bargain Town USA back in the 80's.  Yes, he really did. 

Four years later we got married.  Not after the modeling gig… 4 years after we met.  Stay with me.  Three and a half years later we started popping out babies like rabbits.  We now have 6 here (3 boys and 3 girls) and one little boy that went on ahead. 

Now for some more unexpected random things you never wanted to know…

1.  I was born in South Carolina.  I know, who cares? 

2.  I've been blessed to go to Scotland twice and I think heaven may actually be there.  It looks like it, but the cars are small so I can't be sure. 

3.  I do NOT look like the above picture anymore.  Thank you, Lord, for your mercies are new every morning.  

4.  My beloved still wears that tie.

5.  Not really.  Bow ties make you look like a pediatrician.  And he's not.  He's in seminary preparing for full-time ministry.  That's not my idea.  We were kind of dragged in to it.    But right now, he works in the steel industry to pay the bills.  We are not sure how we will pay the bills once we go full-time.  That's out of our hands. 

6.  I'm currently on a summer-time quest to purge our horrific back yard of dead branches, trees, rotten wood, leaves, and other dead things like bushes.   I don't know what we'll do once I complete this, but it must be done.  It's awful looking.  We take lots of stuff to the curb to be picked up on Tuesdays so that's my day to work in the yard with the spawn.

7.  We are a soccer family.  We love to watch it and the boys love to play it.  My children are all exceptionally fast runners.  They did NOT get this from me. 

8.  I used to love Stryper and even went to their concert– more than once.  I still secretly like some of their songs.  Actually, never mind.  Let's just pretend I never said that.  As my Granny would say, "And we should never speak of it again…"

9.  I love to sew.  I made all my prom dresses in high school.  Now I like to sew for my girls– especially smocked things.  I don't get to spend a lot of time doing it, but it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

10.  I collect diseases like some people collect stamps.  I've had everything from scarlet fever to meningitis to kidney stones.  Not by my choice, you should know.   I hope and pray and expect to be healthy when we meet in person, DV. 

11.  And finally, I love to read.  Just junk mostly.  Historical fiction is my favorite.  But if you give me a book expect me to not do ANYTHING until I've finished reading it.  No food, no trips to the emergency room, no diaper changes, or anything.  Just find someone else to do it while I'm reading.  And heaven help if you get me reading a series.  The house may burn down around me but I'll take the book (and my children of course!) into the yard next door and probably will sit down to continue reading until the fire trucks come… assuming someone else called them.