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I’m blown over…
June 6, 2008, 8:39 pm
Filed under: Soccer IS life!

We've mentioned that we've struggled with our decision about what to do with Jojo and his future in soccer. 

We've mentioned that we got encouragement and advise out of nowhere, just when we had been praying about what to do. 

We decided to let him tryout, just to see what happened.  We had decided that it was fine if he wanted to play on the 2nd team while he would hopefully grow a bit this year and "catch up" with the guys his age. 

Tryouts were this week and I had told him that nothing was for sure but because of size issues this new coach coming in was going to be looking for "bulk."  I told Jojo that there were more spots than there were guys with "bulk" so if he wanted a spot on the team he was going to have to earn it.  Because our team did so well in state this year, a lot of new kids were coming in hoping for a spot on the gold team in our club for their age. 

Honestly, Mr. G and I had steeled ourselves that we'd be back on the 2nd team and were already looking forward to the comradery with the guys we know there and the hope that Jojo would be a leader on this team.  
Tonight, my sweet Jojo came in after tryouts and said, "Can I talk to you?" to me and his daddy.  With a very solemn face, he said, "Well, the coach told me that I just need to grow some (picture my fists clenching here) and that he really wants me to get bigger this year…

…but he told me I made the gold (1st) team…"