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Like sands through the hourglass…
June 13, 2008, 5:06 pm
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I've become aware recently of the fleeting of time.  Now, before you roll your eyes and think I'm just waxing nostalgic, give me a moment so that you too can recognize that the precious days we have are slipping though our fingers like water. 

– I was telling someone today that I was going to a wedding this weekend and it had been FOREVER since I'd been to a wedding.  Then I realized the last wedding I went to was Katie's.  She's been married over two years now.  And before that, she'd been hanging out at our house for two and a half years.  Yet it seems like just the other day she asked if I could bring my kids home from school and I fretted because she didn't have carseats for my kids… who are now 13 and almost 12 and almost 9.  I'm glad I let her anyhow.

-My baby– my gift— will be two on Monday.   And when I think how BIG my other children seemed at two (practically grown, you know) I can hardly stand it.  At two, we've always taken down the crib and put them in "big beds."  But… she's a BABY?!  How could that be?  Yet this "baby" is now jumping off the side of the pool and needs no adult interaction to make it to the surface and paddle to the stairs.  (She does wear a floatie– don't freak on me!)  I've hardly adjusted to the fact that she's big enough for her poop to stink, much less face forward in her carseat, and now she's old enough that some would already be talking potty training with her!  The last time I took down a crib was the day that I announced another pregnancy.  I don't think I've ever taken down a crib without the expectation of a new baby.  Until this time.  My childbearing days are over and when I take down this crib, it won't go up until I'm expecting a grandbaby. 

-My sweet husband, who despite the perceived implication in the last post is not a party-boy, mentioned to me the other day that what we do for soccer for our oldest is going by quickly and that we should do it with the thought in mind that he won't even be in our home but for a few more years and then it will be over.  What?  I vividly remember his first soccer meeting when he was four and would NOT let go of his daddy's leg.  We thought it was going to be a nightmare.  Going back even further, I remember when I was dating Mr. Grits he officiated soccer for the local Y and mentioned how precious it was that there was a little boy there wearing the teeniest Umbros ever– and how one day he wanted a boy who would play soccer too.   None of our other boys love the "beautiful game" like Jojo does.  Our one "season" of this in life is 2/3 over. 

-Again with the oldests– as we see them approaching "life changes" in their teen years and morphing into the physical adults we see, I wonder what they will look like.  I realize that my oldest is a year away from being how old I was when I began dating Mr. Grits.  Huh?  No way.  I think of what I was like at 13 and hope he's not going to be like me.  So far, so good. 

-Finally with my 3, 4, and 5th… they don't get lost, I assure you.  They take up more than 50% of my time for sure.  Today I played Clue with my 3rd and 2nd born.  How long until they don't want to play?  Not long.  My 5th– who is still a baby in my mind– is starting K5 in the fall.  If not for Bee, I'd have no one at home.  A virtual "empty nest" during the day.  I think of my 4th child, Poo, who will be entering the grade I taught years ago– 2nd.  Those who were my second graders are now halfway through college.  Next, that will be Poo.  This boggles my mind.  He still cries when he falls down and gets hurt.  He's not ready for the pain of college. 

I have to go to the kitchen now.  They are all hungry.  The meal tonight will soon be forgotten, but the food, now matter how insignificant, will help them continue to grow in to the people that they will be tomorrow.  I have to remember that today they will need spiritual food and nourshment too.  That their mama is accountable to seize this fleeting moment and feed them. 


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When do you have time to write a post this long and deep?? I just today posted about my trip on May 5th!!

Seriously, we all get nostalgic about stuff like this.

Comment by distybug

Thanks for the tears….

(sniff, sniff)

If your kids are growing and changing that means mine are too…and that is just not so.

So there.

Comment by caroline

Time does just slip away so fast. I try not to think about it. But the reality is we only have such a short amount of time to make an impact. I must be more diligent to remember this. I let so much get in the way of what is important.

Comment by PollyS

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