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Come to Jesus…
June 20, 2008, 5:17 pm
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I know, I've been MIA for a while.  My computer (Betty cuz all she says is "BOOP.") is totally messed up.  I have to check mail on the web, and even as I type the letters show up about 3 seconds after I type them.  (Hey, Tasha, could you put in a good word to the man for me??) 
So this will be short, but we've had quite the time at the Grits' house lately.  A lot of it has to do with lazy parenting, aka "grounding."  Anyone noticed that it doesn't work, and it gets so complicated (are they grounded until daddy gets home?  Or until tomorrow when they wake up?  If no computer, does that mean they can do the Wii or PS2?  And if they can't, can they use their DS?  Kill me now.)  that it makes it harder on ME than them.  And are you still grounded?  Oh I forget…
It's been out of control around here.  Fighting, meanness, potty mouth, etc.  I just locked myself outside yesterday and talked extensively to the man in charge.  I mean, the one on earth.  And individually, we talked to the Man in charge as well.  I have been so discouraged by the direction we have been going.  Yesterday, in the car alone with Jojo, he asked me, "Mom, you seem down.  Is everything ok?"  I wanted to scream, "NO it's not ok!  When did my children turn to brats and smart mouth and talk back and bully and potty mouth and… I don't know what else!!!!!!"  But I told him how daddy and I never thought we'd have anything but a family that honored the Lord and ours does not. 
We had a nice time when Mr. Grits came home and for a small moment I thought he was going to blow off my rampage (forgive me for thinking that, dear, I should know better.)  But after a bit I heard him in the basement.  He was woodworking.  Hm.  I descended the stairs, rounded the corner and saw him crafting the mother of all paddles.  (insert evil laugh here…)
***(Here's where I say that I'm going to use "discipline" instead of the word you would normally use when referring to a paddle.  I don't want any flames.  If I wanted your opinion… I'd give it to you.)
No, really it does NOT give me pleasure at all to "discipline" my children.  But in years past, the spoon we've used when they are little has held little authority for the bigger ones who declared "Mom's "disciplinings" don't hurt" (that went over well, I'm sure you can imagine), and I'm too much of a weakling to do anything with the belt.  I just don't have good aim cuz I'm kind of a spaz.  I didn't want to beat the child; just "discipline" them. 
My sweet hubby, in our family devotional time, shared in scripture where this "procedure" indicates love for a child because we want them to recognize that actions have consequences, blah blah blah.  And frankly, we don't enjoy brats.  And with the potential for 6 brats we thought investing in a "board of education" was cheaper than bail bond. 
He lovingly and clearly outlined what we expected.  Nothing new to them– just that now we were enforcing it and that "groundings" for all intents and purposes were a thing of the past. 

Let's just say, we had "come to Jesus" at our house. 

Today has been, "Let me help you, mommy!"  "Thanks for taking us to the pool!"  "Why don't I carry that?" 

Don't we all do a little better knowing that we have to be accountable for our actions?  I know I do.  >:-)


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Go get em Mama and Papa Grits!! I am actually glad to hear that we aren’t the only ones having to go there as well.
And it must have been the day of the rampage yesterday because I let loose on poor Mark as well. 😦
It is soooooo stinkin’ upsetting and stressful when you realize the CRAP your kids are capable of…

Comment by Gayle

Oh no, you mean that the kitchen spoon will not longer become effective means to communicate the message?! 🙂

I will cherish the days I have left with the Wooden Spoon Reign!

Comment by Tammy

This was not what I was expecting, but it made me smile. Glad the paddle has brought about reform!

Comment by halfmoon girl

Interesting…as I was reading this I had to stop and spank my Brooke for disobeying. We have always used our hand. The spoon didn’t work when Brooke was younger because she thought of it as a cooking untensil. I guess I should have wrapped it in tape and made it scary…the thing about the handy is that it is always handy.

We may need your pattern for the BOE later.

I think this summer sun is frying all the kids brains!

BTW, what’s a DS?

Comment by Andrea

Sometimes it does seem like just the presence of the paddle can do the trick!
Oh, and I guess the knowledge that it will be used if necessary! Lately, especially with my olders, manual labor is the disciplinary tool of choice. And bonus… a clean garage or van or stick free yard or organized bookshelves, or scrubbed tub… whatever really needs doing. Plus, if its an issue of two dc fighting, I make them work together. Ususally I see a change of heart/attitude before the job is finished.

Also, I read just the other day another blog about this same thing:

Keep up the good work!! 🙂

Comment by Meg

Hmmm, I’m thinking this could be a new business for you… Think Mr Grits could go through the rest of seminary making “mother of paddle” discipline implements?!? I sure need a bigger one….

Comment by Kristi

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