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Danged it I do, danged if I don’t
June 21, 2008, 11:32 pm
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Ok, so I have mentioned that one of my female children doesn't like to look nice.  Ok, so I get it.  Moving on, her first "junior high social" (aka dance) is Tuesday, and if it were up to her, she would go without taking a shower or brushing her hair; she'd wear an Auburn t-shirt and blue jean shorts and her Keens.  And probably a baseball hat. 

You know, I'm really not ok with this. 

I mean, if she wants to wear this every other day of the summer, fine.  (Well, except that not-bathing and not-brushing the hair part.) 

But I really think she should have something cute pretty nice cool to wear.  I don't expect her to be the best dressed there.  I don't expect her to be all girly and want to paint her nails or wear makeup or roll her hair before she goes.  But I don't want her to be a target for riducule either. 

I wanted to put a survey on here to get your wise counsel on this issue but I think you are just going to have to leave a comment.  Seriously.  HELP ME. 

Do I:
1.  Take her shopping and help her pick out something?  (Just go ahead and don't pick this one because she will NOT pick anything out but snarl at everything except football jerseys and Auburn gear.)
2.  Take her shopping and pick out a few outfits and have her pick one?  (Well, she'll just dig in and say NONE.  She'll snarl at this too.)
3.  Leave her at home and just get something for her to wear and tell her she HAS to?
4.  Just let her go in her crappy clothes and just save the clothes money for the therapy she'll need later?
5.  Insert your opinion here. 

I don't mean to make her sound difficult.  On the contrary, she is most pleasant and a very sweet, loving, helpful girl.  I've very proud of her.  She is smart, athletic, funny, and such a servant.  It's just this ONE issue that makes me want to put my head under a pillow for the next 6 or so years. 

Some have suggested that she just doesn't know "how" to pick clothes and needs guidance.  Likely.  But she also couldn't care less.  I'm thankful for a precious daughter who is comfortable in her skin and is secure in who she is.  But I want her to know there is a time for everything under the sun… including a time to dress like your age and gender.