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We have had a breakthrough, ladies and gentlemen!!
June 22, 2008, 10:28 pm
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I'm so thrilled tonight, I can't even tell you!

This morning, after her forced shower, I called her in to brush and dry the hair she usually lets air dry since we were going to church.  As I was helping her I spoke with her about how she is getting so much older and how cool it was she was going to logic school (jr high) and how great it was that she was going to her first ice cream social on Tuesday… and that it was a big event and how important it would be for her to look her age…
To which she replied, "I know what you are going to say.  You want me to wear something 'decent.'  Yeah, well, can we go shopping because I don't have anything." 

WELL, YEAH!!!!!!!!

After lunch, she, JD, and I (she wanted him to come because he has fashion taste.  A little too much for his age if you ask me…) went shopping.  We got FOUR OUTFITS.  Read 'em and weep, baby!!  FOUR!!!!!  JD wanted her to get pink and "girlie-prissy" stuff, but I kept telling him that we were NOT there to make her in to someone she wasn't but that we were there to help her FIND her style ala "what not to wear."  (My kids LOVE that show!!!)  When she asked what we were looking for, I just said something that makes her look her age; when she asked what that meant I said, "Well NOT like a teenager because you are not one; but you are not in grammar school anymore either!"

Now, we aren't talking dresses, skirts, skorts, or anything like that.  I'm just talking about something beside jean shorts and huge, baggy Auburn t-shirts!  She got 3 pair of really cute plaid shorts, some more "feminine" cut tshirts (which means, yes there will have to be, um, you know, under "gear" and I can NOT believe she was ok with that!!!)  and one more pair of dark brown shorts.  All long because she doesn't feel comfortable wearing strappy shirts or any clothes like that.  Her things are modest, and a great style for her and who she is… but she looks like she gives a care (which I think she's starting to!)   Oh and she also got PINK in some of the shorts and a PINK shirt, and one shirt even has a FLOWER on it!!!  And she also got some PINK flip-flops!  (And brown too!)

Thank you all for your great advice and prayers!  I think we are ON OUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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WOW so exciting!

I thought she looked pretty cute at church today too. 🙂

How about getting her to model her new outfits and post us some pics!!!!

Comment by Andrea

I have tears in my eyes from all the excitement.

Before long she will be wearing a pink dress….with heels….and a little lip gloss.

It will come.

Comment by caroline

Awesome!! But I won’t say a word cause we don’t want to make her feel self conscious.

Comment by distybug

That is fantastic! I won’t say a word to her, but I know she’ll be stylin’!!! Poor Anna had to start wearing the “under gear” this year at 10!! She hates it, but that’s life!! Amy already wants to wear one and asks when she’ll need it–oh brother it never ends!

Comment by kent

Yay! I am so glad that she came to that on her own and you didn’t have to force the issue with her…. 🙂

Comment by Gayle

Aren’t girl clothes fun to shop for? Alli isn’t much – what am I saying – She WON’T get anything if it even feels like it is revealing anything – can’t even get her to wear a V-neck. I like it like that though 😉 I miss the days of being able to dress her in what I like… she isn’t too big on the pink girly girl stuff like I am but still dresses like a girly girl – just not pink – but I am not telling her that 😉

Way to go Sister! Hubby has the most fashion advice in our house and one would be able to figure that out if they just look at all our closets and realize how many clothes he has compared to the rest of us .. haha..

Comment by Angie

Wonderful news. It sounds like you got some really cute items. And a girl does not have to look like Nellie Olsen to be a girl!

Comment by Tammy

That’s great! Glad to hear it went so well. Junior high is a tough age. My normally angelic daughter nearly drove me crazy a few times when she was going through that age. Fortunately, we came through it…she’s 21 now and she’s not only my adored daughter, but my dear friend.

Thanks for the heads-up about the John Adams nudity. Who knew? But then again, it *is* HBO so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

Comment by Cindy Swanson

She looked very cute! I started to say something to her but decided against it! I loved the plaid shorts! You never know what might happen next! Contacts, now girlie outfits, what will be next?

Comment by DeeDee

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