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Birmingham Blawgers aka I never claimed to take good pictures
July 9, 2008, 8:38 pm
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Last night I had the privilege of meeting up with some area bloggers for a little tepanyaki and chat.  I was so excited to remember my camera, until pushing the power button and seeing the little battery light blink as if to say, “Shuttin’ her down right now!”  So I rapidly and unexpectedly took some shots of our little group without stopping to see how they looked. 

My apologies. 

I tried to go ’round the table, but folks moved over and shuffled about and before I knew it I’d gotten some really random shots of people not paying attention, etc.  

I’m so sorry! 

But I’m posting for the whole world to see anyhow…

Because I can. 

That, and I only know one person in the world who has blackmail shots on me and they are not in a digital format.  And I think she still likes me because she’s not in these photos. 

Well, besides the fact that someone may have a shot of me looking down my decolletage when the tepanyaki chef dared to flip the shrimp at the least orally coordinated girl at the table missed my mouth with the little shrimp.  

But we must never speak of that again because it’s embarrassing and highly painful, in the emotional sense.  And folks who know me know I do not like emotional pain.

So without further ado, here’s the pictures:


Trista, Lora, Robyn, and Sophie

Robyn, Sophie, and Stacey


Kristi, Gayle (SO sorry, Gayle!), Becca, Rhoda, and Leslie

We had a great time and I’m looking forward to seeing them all again! 
Thanks, girls!


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Oops, I thought I was getting out of the shot! Oh, well, just want to explain I’m not really glaring at BooMama. =)

Comment by Stacey Sickmiller

I’m coming next time, sister. I sure am. If I have to fake an illness, I’ll be there. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all.
I mean, wow, you had dinner with BooMama.

Comment by Tammy

I guess it isn’t the worst picture of me, definitely not the best though.

Had a great time and I can’t wait to do it all over again.

Comment by The Pumkin Patch

Who are you kidding? You loved the shrimp in your crack!!

Comment by distybug

Thanks! Now I’ve added more blogs to my already too many list!! Looks like yall had fun.

Comment by kent

Those were some random shots. It was a fun time & I hope we all do it again in the fall. Every few months would be good. I get we get even more next time!


Comment by Rhoda

Looks like ya’ll had a lot of fun! Would love to try and go to the next one..please keep me updated! 🙂

Comment by Amanda

I was just sure you caught me staring off into space, mesmerized by the fried rice popping on the “hot thing.” Over half the pictures taken of me show me staring blankly, or my face is completely hidden by my overwhelming hair. I am SO photogenic. 🙂

Had a great time meeting everyone! And at least you didn’t have the guy squirting and empty ketchup bottle at you.

Comment by Lora Lynn

I’m so glad you posted some pictures!

Comment by Leslie

Uh-huh. I see how ya roll….

Comment by Gayle W

LOVE the pictures. Thanks for posting them!!!

Comment by Robyn

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