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July 16, 2008, 10:58 pm
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Two funny things for ya…

Yesterday I’d been drinking a diet Pepsi and was in the kitchen when I felt an enormous upper gastric air pocket begging permission to escape.  So with a lclosed mouth, did a ginormous “bear growl” burp that would have been legendary if I’d pushed him out.  Poo evidently had walked up behind me during this time and said, “WHOA MOM!”  And like a very lady-like mom, I denied it.  “What?  Oh I’d NEVER!”  to which he replied, “Mom that was so huge I think the end of South America just broke off… you know, the little tip?” 

heh heh heh.  If only my children knew what I was capable…

Second thing, tonight I was running around getting the oldest 2 ready to go to youth group stuff and I was getting dinner on the table, which, by the way I have GOT to share this recipe with you– it has LEEKS in it.  And it’s delicious.  And I got it from Wilma in Scotland.  (HI WILMA!)  Anyway, in my rush I ignored the fact that the baby had stripped her diaper off and so I just put her in her seat and gave her her dinner.  Not two minutes later, Sister said, “SHE’S PEEING!!!”  We had a good laugh, and as I sopped up the mess I quipped, “Well, when I said we were having LEEKS for dinner, this was NOT what I had in mind!” 

(Get it?  Leeks?  Leaks?  har har har  I suppose it’s not funny when you have to explain it….)


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BBBHHAAAAAAA!! I thought that was just too funny…only because I have done the exact same thing!! 🙂

Comment by Amanda

HAHA!!! You need a TV show… “Adventures with the Grits”

Comment by katester

So funny!! I’m impressed with your quick wit 🙂 Ya know, God has such a sense of humor to group your cooking leeks with your baby having a good leak during dinner (I mean, how often would that happen??)!

Comment by Heidi

Ha ha ha! You must be feeling better!

Comment by Meg

Soo funny!

It must have been the day of leaks…cause my Brookie surely did make a puddle on the Wal-market floor!

Comment by Andrea

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