Reformed Grits

(cough, cough)
July 21, 2008, 8:15 am
Filed under: I plead ignorance

I was telling this story to someone the other night and she mentioned it was blog-worthy… so here ya go, Penny!

I’ve mentioned that I was pretty sheltered and naive growing up.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  This world is a bad place, and it probably saved me from a lot of trouble to be shocked by sin.  I may have not been the coolest girl in school, but I really think it served me well in my Father’s eyes. 

Anyhow, I was a cheerleader.  And this did NOT make me automatically cool, I assure you.  I was not on the inside, and I can assure you I never got invited to any parties because of my ability to do a back handspring.

But for whatever reason, I got along really well with the popular kids.  The “cool” cheerleaders, etc.  And we talked– while we were at school mind you. 

And there were some kids who had REALLY nagging coughs!  I mean it.  I worried about them, and if their parents shouldn’t take them to the doctor.  Because, not kidding, they were constantly downing cough syrup.  (This is back in the day when you could take it with you to school!)  Well, I say they had nagging coughs.  I never saw them cough; I just know they drank LOTS of cough syrup.  And I worried about them.  Because of their persistent coughs.  And all that cough syrup. 

I’d see them in their cars before school taking some.  And during class.  At lunch.  At practice. 

That’s a lot of cough syrup. 

Don’t you think maybe they should get those coughs checked? 

Yeah, like maybe check those coughs into REHAB!!!!!!!!! 

Did I mention I was naive? 


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I would have been naive as well. Here I thought only homeschooled children were sheltered and naive!! (written with a lot of sarcasm due to comments made about my children)

Comment by caroline

bahahaah…. sorry….

Comment by katester

If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t know about the cough syrup thing until VERY recently.

Comment by Gayle W

So did they just turn it back or did they measure it?

Comment by Leslie

I would not have known what they were doing either. It could not have tasted good. Unless it was the Triaminic orange stuff. Robitussin, no thanks!

Comment by Becca Mae

I wouldn’t have known this either. There was sooo much I didn’t clue in to in high school… by the grace of God!

Comment by Meg

Bless your heart, honey! Really, though, I would have thought the same thing. I was naive also.

Comment by distybug

So funny! I can only hope my girls will be so naive!
By the way, it makes me feel so cool when you mention my name in your blog!! 🙂

Comment by penny

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