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The story of John Knox, part 2
July 23, 2008, 8:10 am
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This is the continued story of our baby boy who was born into eternity 3 years ago on July 28.

Time marched on… I
was preparing to fulfill a lifelong dream of going on a missions trip to Scotland.  I was finally getting used to the idea of
being pregnant and having another baby when I had the lovely pleasure of being
hospitalized 3 times in 2 weeks due to what turned out to be…


July 08

My Ebenezer stone…

This will forever be
what we call the events of the last two weeks… Our Ebenezer.  You remember my
post where I recalled the story of the Ebenezer stone… and how each baby
brought one? Well, this baby has really brought forth a stone… probably less
than 10mm but more than 5 mm from what I have read about them.  Yes, you know, a
KIDNEY stone.  I have once more given birth…. this time to a rock.  It was born
this morning about 8:30 AM at St. Vincent’s Hospital
when I was having a stent installed in my left ureter.  Lovely.  If it weren’t
for the drat radiologist who refused to do a CT this could be over with and I
would be heading for Bonnie
Scotland next Sunday.  But now I have a hose in my kidney that will be yanked from my
nether-regions by a piece of string next week… in an office visit. Ah the joy.
I am thankful it happened here in America instead of in Scotland.  I hear the hospital haggis there is to die for!!!

interpretation for Ebenezer is “Rock of Help.” 
Sometimes our suffering is self-induced because we refuse to submit our
plans to God’s will.  But in His mercy, He gives us His help anyway to accomplish His own eternal purposes.  God graciously allowed me to go to Scotland, which
pleased my will… but he had a bigger plan. 

One of the most
meaningful experiences of our trip was a trek up Dunsinane Hill.  We climbed to the top of this large hill, to
the strains of “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipe by a guy in a kilt. No kidding.  There we were treated to the most spectacular
views of what heaven must be like.  It
was an experience like no other, and it blessed all of us in ways we can’t
understand or explain.  We all “felt” it but none knew or understood why it was so meaningful.  As we descended, I picked 2 small flowers that are now pressed in my Bible, and I grabbed a rock
that I wanted to keep from there as my own Ebenezer stone.  I was so thankful for His Rock of Help. 

And then, one day after
returning home from Scotland at a routine doctor’s visit, we discovered that our baby of 17 weeks had gone
to be with the Lord.  There was such
crushing guilt… and suffering...

Continued tomorrow…



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I’m here, reading. I just don’t have any words…

Comment by Gayle W

His Rock of Help. Praise God He never leaves us or forsakes us. Love you, my friend… and praying this week.

Comment by Meg

I feel like this was yesterday…

Comment by caroline

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