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The story of John Knox, conclusion
July 25, 2008, 8:10 am
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I’m sure you will be all glad for this final installment of the story of John Knox.  Now go have a good cry and let’s all move on.  Life is hard; God is good. 

On the day he was born, we had already picked out the name John Knox–
knowing he died in


it seemed appropriate.  Plus, we mistakenly
believed at the time that John meant “Beloved” and I knew that I had loved
him.  But I felt I needed to know when he
died… I think a mom just has to know… and from talking to my doctor about the
timing, I felt comfort in this:

 I have this vision in my mind of where I was
when he died. I won’t know on this earth exactly when it was, but if I could
pick the time and place it would have been on Dunsinane Hill.  I see it in my
mind like when someone you love comes to visit, and when they leave you walk
them to the car. You walk to the end of the driveway and wave until they are
out of sight. I felt like my beloved and I walked John Knox to the top of that hill
as he left in the arms of our True Beloved, who knows, even to the bagpipe
strains of Amazing Grace.


Sept 13

Today I was in the car
with the kids and they were asking what their names meant.  When I told JD that David meant “beloved” it occurred to me that if David meant beloved, then that meant John does NOT mean
beloved. Oh NO!  So I call Caroline and I’m
stressed over it, so she goes online to look up the name “John” to see what
it means.  She can vouch that I just lost it when I heard her say, “God is

Sept 14

…So it was even more
stunning when this morning I decided to try to find out what the rest of his
name means.  I expected to see “Knox” was just a family name of little
consequence.  I can’t tell you how astounded I was to learn that Knox… means

I am just so thankful of how God comforts us by showing His tender hand in
every detail of our lives. It is amazing and comforting to me to know that I didn’t pick out John
Knox’s name, but that God had picked it out in every detail to fit like a
puzzle piece in the story of His goodness. “God is merciful” on the
“hill.” I am just so thankful.

What is the cure of suffering? 
Well, death, for a believer.  But
in this life he has given us an Ebenezer… a rock of help. 

 In the days after his death, a friend emailed me the words to the following hymn without even knowing my thoughts on The Rock.  I ask you, friend…

“Will your anchor hold
in the storms of life, when the clouds unfold their wings of strife?  When
the strong tides lift, and the cables strain, will your anchor drift, or firm

We have an anchor that
keeps the soul, steadfast and sure while the billows roll, fastened to the Rock
which cannot move, grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love.”

Thanks for reading.  To God be the Glory.  His mercies are new every morning.  GREAT is His faithfulness.


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I keep hearing the song “homesick” As much as I didn’t want to read this story again..I really did! It is one of the most amazing stories ever. I can’t beleive I was actually there on the hill of God’s mercy that day! I do remember how beautiful it was that day..How kind of surreal it was seeing the vast fields and how we could see for miles. I don’t think I ever told you this..I can also remember sitting with my friend Holly who I met there, and we were sitting on the edge looking out, and I remember looking back and seeing you, dave and the man who was playing the bag pipes, and hearing him play, seeing the sunset behind both of you and thought wow, that would make a great picture! Now, I think I cannot believe I didn’t take a picture! But I’m still thankful for that picture that will forever be in my head. Oook, LONG cry needs to be over now..I have to work!!! Love u! 🙂

Comment by katester

Thank you for sharing this.

Comment by Lora Lynn

Thank you for sharing your most intimate thoughts and feelings about your little merciful John. What a day that will be when you can see and hold him in front of the Lord. I’m so glad that you chose to trust in God through all of that instead of letting bitterness and resentment grow. What a testimony you have that has probably already helped someone and you don’t even know it! Blessings to your sweet family! 🙂

Comment by Amanda

Wonderful story, thank you for sharing.
I know the story of the Ebenezer stone and we as a family have many events that point us to remember how God has brought us thus far.
I think my DH and I are needing another one to keep us going.
Thank you so much for the reminder of Who is in control, and that He is a loving and merciful Father.

Comment by MaryLu

“but as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all thy works.” PS. 73:28

Well done, my friend.

Comment by caroline


Comment by Andrea

Thanks for sharing this most special story about your life!

Comment by Tammy

oooooo… chillbumps!

Comment by sarah

God is good all the time, even when we don’t realize it. Even when times are hard. This is such a great testimony of His faithfulness. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by distybug

What a blessed testimony. I love you Kim Grits.
I posted this massive comment yesterday, but it got eaten, so I will keep this one short and sweet and to the point.
Thank you for having the courage to share this.

Comment by Gayle W

Thank you for sharing your story of John Knox. I enjoyed each of the installments. God did indeed show his mercy on a hill. Praise His Name!

Comment by Leslie

Wow–i go on vacation and come back to catch up–Wow. What a sweet testimony and remembrance for John Knox. i will be praying for you tomorrow especially for His comfort and peace to surround you and your family.

Comment by Kent

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