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God help us
August 7, 2008, 10:33 pm
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But for God's grace, I don't need this for any of my children…


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I knew I didn’t like etsy…I couldn’t put my finger on it and now I know!
It should be against the rules to sell something so awful!!!

Comment by Andrea

Okay, after reading her post, it was meant as a joke. And I admit, the shock value is pretty high, but I ain’t puttin that on my child!

Comment by distybug

Even as a joke…that’s disturbing. Ugh.

Comment by kellie

Ooooh, that’s creepy… sick joke, it sent shivers up my arms.

Comment by Meg


Comment by Becca Mae

Wow–that creeps me out! Really sad-nothing to joke about.

Comment by Kent

WOW! Satan must be clapping over this one, joke or not. Sick!

Comment by Tammy

Joke or not..I think it opens up a major can of worms. No thank you!!

Comment by amanda

Words fail me…..

Comment by penny

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