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Bee learns to cuss
August 21, 2008, 12:02 pm
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Listen carefully…  I know, it's not funny.  Really, it's not… 
And those are not my innocent children laughing in the background either.  Promise.  (ahem.)


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Ma’am – you sure do sound like you are from the South but you no where near come close to what dh’s family from Alabama sounds like 😉

Comment by Angie

Love the fact that you set her up for that one! Its like when Daniel was learning to say truck…

Comment by Meg

At least she is learning to talk 🙂 Dwyane had a client whose name was: phuck dat and he had the gentleman spell it for him cuz he didn’t want to have to say it. Then there was another one named shi-thead where the second syllable is thead – long e – needless to say Dwyane prounced it without the hyphen!

Comment by Angie

Save that one to play for her children!

Comment by distybug

Too funny!! You’ll be glad you saved it!

Comment by kent

that is too funny.

Comment by Becca Mae

HAHA hilarious!! Oh wait, it’s not supposed to be funny is it? 🙂 Btw, I “tagged” you~see my blog. 🙂

Comment by amanda

Hilarious! Or not (ahem)

Comment by Tammy

When ARE you coming back?????? (To the bloggy world.)

Comment by distybug

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