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Lookie what I dun
August 27, 2008, 9:58 pm
Filed under: What's she up to now?

Ok, so I've been doing some sewing during my respite because sewing is so much cheaper than therapy!  Especially when you get deals like this…

A couple of years ago, a dear friend was "updating" her sweet little girl's room from a nursery to a big girl's room and gave me a ton of the fabric from her beautiful custom nursery!  I have made "sew" (giggle, snort) many things including a diaper bag for Bee that is pink and cream toile with a pink lining and a brown and pink polka-dotted strap and brown monogram (I'd post the pic but it's got her name on it and you know I'm anal about stuff like that…), a CUTE dress/tunic-style top for Sugie that everyone is probably sick of seeing her in, and now… My friend Kimmy sent me the link to a blog I'd not had the pleasure of visiting before called The Handmade Dress.  I love this place because the things she shares seem doable and she has tutorials that are extremely down to earth!   In fact I knew that Bee, going back to school, really needed a bag bigger than her diaper bag so she could put her lunch, blanket, papers, etc in it… so I saw her link to this (scroll down to Little Dress pattern) and I made this… for free with the remnant fabric:

I thought it was cute!   She calls it her "dress bag!" 

I'm in the middle of a couple of other cute things too I hope to share when I finish!  (Lord willing…  you know how it goes!)


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Very impressive. Send one right over, please!

Comment by Lora Lynn

Hey my long lost friend. I feel like I haven’t seen you in 10 thousand years.

Very, very nice work, as always…

Comment by Gayle @ thewestiecrew

too cute!

Comment by katester

Please quit making the rest of us look bad that don’t have half the kids you do!

Comment by michele

Too cute! It could only be better if it was “purple”!

Comment by kent

SO cute! I love it! Can you get anymore girly than that?!

Comment by Heidi

Love it!

Hey…you need to make me one, pretty please??? (I could get the material)

I’ve never been the receiver of any of your fancy footwork….I mean handy handwork!!

Comment by Andrea

Eliz. just saw that picture when she walked by and said, “awwww Mom, that’s SO CUTE! Can you get me one of those??”


Comment by Meg

TOOOO CUTE!!! I also love the apron you made for Stephanie!! You have talent girl..go with it! 🙂

Comment by Amanda

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