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September 1, 2008, 12:26 am
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Playing along with a "Labor" day meme from Shannon

How long were your labors?

#1 about 11 hours until they split me open like a pumpkin
#2 lots of prodromal labor but I'd say about 14 hours?
#3 11 hrs
#4 over 30 hours.  No, I'm not kidding
#5 about 6 hours.
#6 about 6 hrs
#7 about 5 hrs
(funny but I'd never really thought about all this before… except that 30 hour one.  But I'm not bitter.)

How did you know you were in labor?
1 went to be induced with toxemia
2 lots of contractions after a throw-up virus so just figured I wanted them to go away and I didn't care how
3, 4, 5 I knew from the first contraction.  It just feels so different from the false stuff.
#6 induced
#7 induced with toxemia again

Where did you deliver?

All 7 in the same hospital– St. Vincent's in the 'Ham, Alabama

Oh yes, repeatedly.  Well, except for #6.  I felt the need to punish myself so I had him natural but it wasn't bad bc I didn't have to fully dilate to deliver him.


Only #1.  He was breech.  You would think that the 3 different doctors who examined me would have noticed that.  But no, as usual, a nurse figured it out. 

Who delivered?

#1, a doctor I didn't know. 
#2, a doctor I didn't really like
#3 and #4 my favorite– Dr. Hudson
#5 ok well he delivered her too, but honestly I caught her.  All 9 lbs 14 oz I literally LAUGHED out and caught myself.  It was awesome in every sense of the word
#6 delivered himself but it didn't matter.  Dr H came in within a couple minutes to talk to us and help me out as I was crashing but we didn't need him for the baby.
#7 a different Dr. Hudson who I don't especially love but he was ok despite the fact that he was annoyed that I dare wake him up and he thought for some reason I was able to fake toxemia it seemed. 

And now I must go to sleep!  Let me know if you play along!


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I played along, too. Thanks for sharing your “Labor Day” story as well.

Comment by jamie in rose cottage

i played too, but i’m not that much fun since i’ve only been there once. except that i think i had an exceptionally easy 1st time delivery!

Comment by sarah

Hi I played too, but you beat me by 4 babies. Woah, I hope your mother’s day cards are extra sparkly this year! :o)

Comment by Whitney @ Baby Tunnel Exodus

None of my labors were very long, thank the Lord. And every one of them were drugged. Amen.

Comment by Gayle @ thewestiecrew

Those are some interesting sounding births! I am due in less than 4 weeks, so I’ve enjoyed (mostly) reading the stories of everyone from RIMD. Thanks for sharing!!

Comment by Kama

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