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If you potty train the baby…
September 9, 2008, 5:05 pm
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If you potty train the baby, you'll need her out of the crib first so she can "go" when she needs to.  (This includes getting her out of the playpen in your closet for naps.  Cruel, but true.)

But if you put the baby in a "big girl bed" then you will need to move out the 5 year old who also naps so they can't play during naps. 

If you separate the little girls, then really the baby needs to be in the room with the 12 year old because they have different bedtimes and the 12 year old is still at school while the baby naps. 

If you put the 12 year old and the baby together, then you have to switch bedrooms with the younger boys because they have the biggest room and the 12 year old has a double bed so another small bed won't fit in her room.  (This would entail repainting the bedrooms and require the 12 year old girl to have to face the horror that is her closet.  Really.  It's that bad.) 

If you are going to switch their bedrooms, then really you need to
switch around a bunch of people.  Not just them.  The two boys to the
one girl's room; the baby and girl to the boys' room; and possibly swap
the other two's rooms.   And really some of the kids have used furniture that's falling apart anyhow so we need to get some new dressers. 

If you are changing out their bedrooms, then it's really time to get all the toys out of their rooms and build the playroom in the basement for all the "gear."  It'd be so much better to have the game systems in the basement as well as their toys so that they are not so cluttered in their rooms.  And really most of the toys can go.  And if everything was downstairs they'd really enjoy the foosball table better.  Plus, no one really plays with most of the toys anyhow. 

So, clearly you understand that Bee will never be potty-trained. 

**Updated:  And because you all obviously don't understand my plight, I will relay my email to "Yvonne" aka "Mom" explaining the problem:

Why do you hate naps
for my children so much?  Sugie told me on the way home that she wanted to eat
lunch and go RIGHT to bed—she was TOO tired. 
I actually had as one of my
thoughts that they should be separated so that Sugie can have some “quiet time”
in her room during naps, playing by herself (we occasionally have a deal where
she can play or read in her room but if she comes out or I hear you she has to
take a nap.  She needs solitude.  The boys need her to go away sometimes.) 
Occasionally I’ll find her zonked out in her bed because she’s just so tired. 
She turns into a monster about 5 PM if she’s not napped or at least “rested.”  

So technically even if
she stops naps she still needs her own room…


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Unless, of course, you just let the 5 year old stop taking naps. Would an earlier bedtime help?

Comment by Yvonne

Amen Ms. Yvonne…that’s what I tried telling her.

My Jewabug is doing great without naps and goes to sleep fast.

She doesn’t listen. Just wants to make it complicated.


Comment by caroline

Liked your update.

One question…if she didn’t take a nap during the day wouldn’t it be easier to get her to sleep at night?? Then she wouldn’t be so tired after school. She could still have a quiet time in Sister’s room while Bee slept. I TOTALLY understand about separating the chickens.

Just playing “Devil’s advocate” with you…how does it feel on your end?

Comment by caroline

My opinion…nobody, NOBODY understands all the intricacies of how a home runs except the MAMA! Everything you said has obviously been thought out, to the very depths of every possible scenario. I agree with you. Keep using the diapers until Sugie has outgrown naps! 🙂 (kidding, kidding) At our house, we have Grant, who runs on high all day and therefore can’t have a nap or he is up until 10pm. Without a nap, he sleeps a very lovely 8-8 and is up from 8-8. It works great for all of us. Olivia, on the other hand, is already proving herself as one of those who thrives on naps and I won’t be surprised (at all) if she’s still sent to her room in the afternoon to at least rest when she’s 5. 🙂 You’ll get it all figured out soon…we always do, somehow, don’t we?

Comment by Heidi

I must say, after keeping sugie for a week at my house in LA…She needs a nap, or she cries for no apparent reason lol!!I’m w/ you on this one!

Comment by katester

(Ms. Yvonne and Caroline, by the way, as the potty trainer’s Mom and, Caroline, a mother of 5, I wasn’t trying to say that your suggestions weren’t helpful or useful or that you shouldn’t give them by any means! (sorry if it sounded like that-I just re-read it) I’m positive you both know better than I! I still consider myself in early-on training mode!

Comment by Heidi

WOW!! Amy gave up naps around 3 1/2 or 4. I thought most kids with multiple older siblings had to–we are in and out of the car too much. I try to have her in bed by 7:45—most of the time it is later because of football practices or games, but I try. I had to pick her up in her room Monday and poor little thing was in line with her backpack on and Yawning! She is so tired and yes she has been grouchy and whiny alot since 5K started because we can no longer sleep 1/2 the day. I wish I could nap too.
About the potty training–do NOT tell her that she can’t wear big girl panties because you just do not have time to deal with it. I told Amy NO! NO!! NO!! and she ended up potty training herself at 2 1/2 despite all my efforts to stop her. She took her diaper off everytime we walked in the door at home and put on her panties and used the hall bathroom and called me when she needed a hand towel to wipe her washed hands on. 2 year olds are stubborn and strong willed.
Good luck on figuring out what works best in your house. You amaze me!

Comment by kent

Your post is so funny. It reminds me of “If you give a mouse a cookie…”
I think I would just stick with diapers for awhile…maybe it could be your New Year’s goal?

Comment by penny

I think you should hold out on potty training for as long as you can since we are going to train our two year old together. I don’t wanna. Not ready.

Oh, let Sugie sleep…let Sugie play…let Sugie do what Sugie needs to do.

You’re the mom and you are the ONLY one who knows when she is ready to give up naps.

Carry on, oh great and wise one.

Heidi, I love you and didn’t think a thing about it. I was too worried my comment came across like a know-it-all when I was just messin’ with Kim.

Comment by caroline

Or you could just put her in a diaper everytime she sleeps and potty train when she’s awake.

I never night-trained mine at the same time I was day training.

All these opinions! Didn’t you just know you were cracking open that can o’ worms?

Potty training, labor, Palin….get a group of women together with any of these subjects and the opinions abound. 🙂

Comment by Gayle @ thewestiecrew

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