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He owns the cattle…
September 10, 2008, 11:10 pm
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My oldest two children, only being 15 months apart, are 1 year apart in school.  This means that for the first time this year, I have two children in the junior high "youth group."  Can I just say, it's expensive!  They don't do everything.  Jojo pays for his own, of his own initiative, because he was cutting a few lawns this summer so was able to and just started paying his own.  It's been great because since it's his hard-earned money, he really thinks about what he wants to do before he plunks down the cash.  With Sister, she's not had the opportunities to make money like he has but she does have money so we usually subsidize her 50/50.  (In case you think we are being partial, we did make the same offer to Jojo but he passed and just pays his own way.   I don't take that amazing and sweet fact for granted!) 

Recently they were excited to get a flier with the fall activities but the real buzz was over the retreat.  They've talked about it a lot.  Their friends are talking about it.  And it costs… well, let's just say for our family it was prohibitive.  We aren't poor and we have everything we need and a little more but in terms of a one time activity (times two!) with that price tag, well let's just say with the unexpected commitments in soccer it really made it something we'd just have to trust the Lord with.  The kids knew it too.  They got in the car this evening just a bubblin' with talk about the pictures and description of the place where the retreat was to be held. 

They quieted up when they mentioned to me the cost… but that they really wanted to go and how sad they were but that they understand.  What came to mind next was a song we sang at church growing up, maybe you've heard of it:

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills
The wealth in every mine.
He owns the rivers and the rocks and reels,
The sun and the stars that shine. 
Wonderful riches– more than tongue can tell
He is my Father so they're mine as well…
He owns the cattle on a thousand hills
I know that He will care for me! 

I just challenged them to commit it to prayer.  That their Heavenly Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and that if He desires for them to go to this retreat, then He will provide for them.  I really wanted them to go.   I knew it would be great memories and fun with good friends, but I also know there is just a "small" group of less than 40 (including chaperones!) going so they would be able to really be challenged by the Bible study and time away. 

They silently and probably somewhat doubtfully agreed to this and they went to bed that night. 

Not long after they went to bed, I got a phone call.  A friend had a job she needed help with, could she use Jojo for a few days work?  The pay would be… the exact amount of the retreat!   I said of course he would be willing and we talked details. 

After I got off the phone I went up to my groggy son and asked him if he had been praying for God's provisions.  He, sleepily, said yes.  I said, "Did you believe when you prayed?" and he answered yes.   I was then privileged to share with him God's provision, as he tearily replied, "I can NOT believe that!"  He was shocked, and it was my privilege to share the news with him. 

As I left his room, before I shut his door and turned out his light I told him, "NEVER forget that your Heavenly Father CARES for you."   

I can't wait to see how He makes the rest of this crooked path straight! 


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2 verses come to mind:
Hebrews 11:6 “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”
Isaiah 65:24 “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”
Great is His faithfulness! I know Jojo will never forget this mightly glimpse of God in his life.

Comment by Kelly

What a great post! I am so happy for Jojo!!

You should put some things in your Etsy shop for the retreat. Put it on your blog and I bet people would buy things and that money could go towards the retreat!

Comment by Jennifer Wilson

Our God is an Awesome God!!! I will pray that Sissie’s needs are met soon too!!!

Comment by Kent

God is good all the time. What an incredible way for Our Heavenly father to show His love. I know Jojo will remember this always.

Comment by Becca Mae

That’s a great lesson. Now if we could all remember that…

Comment by distybug

one of the best lessons in prayer came in a very similar way for me when i was a little older. i refer back to it often when i am tempted to wonder if God is hearing me… you know, when things don’t happen on my time table 🙂

thanks for sharing!

Comment by sarah

I enjoyed reading your post. God is awesome and he does care for us. I, too, encourage my children to pray for themselves and believe God for His promises…and they have yet to be failed! May God continue to bless your family.


Comment by Carmen

It’s one thing to learn a lesson from a book or have someone tell you something. It’s a totally different thing to learn from an experience. Jojo will remember this for a long time. Amazing.

Comment by Brad

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