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September 11, 2008, 11:15 pm
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It's been on my mind a lot if you haven't noticed.  Change is in the air and me no likey.  The Bee must be potty trained and it's one of those parental duties that you have to gear up for.  Like going on a diet.  Or planning a vacation. 

But as much fun as being on a diet on vacation.  

Yesterday I completely PURGED Sugie and Bee's room.  I threw stuff out, seriously THREW it away.  The equivalent of 4 garbage bags full.  To the curb, and it's gone tonite in the local dump.  I feel no guilt.  The room is sparkling and more spacious, and I moved the crib into a dormer area in the room so that Sugie and Bee can't play at bedtime.  It looks really cute in there and Sugie was stunned and speechless when she came home from school. 

Oh and I caved to (evil) peer pressure.  I let Sugie stay up from naps for 2 days in her fresh room to play quietly.   Yesterday by 6 she was crying.  Today, she began crying at 4 and didn't stop until I put her to bed early, and then she cried in her bed because she was so tired that she couldn't fall asleep until I got her BFF on the speaker phone who promised to make her a card with a bear and a monkey on it to give her at church Sunday if she'd stop crying. 

I couldn't make that up.  Especially since it worked.  I pity her poor teacher tomorrow. 

Ok so today I moved JD and Poo in to Sister's room.  The boys room was bigger and Sis had a double bed… yeah, yeah, yeah, I mentioned all that.  We hung Scottish flags over all the decorative wall art until I can paint it.  One year from now.  I still haven't finished the upstairs water closet.  But I digress.  I put Sis in the bigger room because in the corner I brought up a tiny toddler bed for her. 

Tonight is her last night in her crib. 

Tonight is the last night that one of our children will sleep in the crib that we picked out as babies ourselves expecting Jojo 14 years ago.  We had picked out the one we wanted, but used to being broke and in college (we weren't at that point) we could not bring ourselves to plunk down the $225.00 for the light wood crib-o-dreams.  We went to the baby superstore every weekend and would say, "OK TODAY we are getting SOMETHING… we have to get the crib!"  But we never did. 

Until one day I had been out doing something and Mr. Grits, my beloved, called me upstairs in our tiny townhouse to go to the future baby's room as he had a surprise for me.  I walked in the room and there was the crib.  It was the first fiscal thing we had done to acknowledge the fruition of our dreams.  I burst in to tears and for the first time, despite the movement in my belly, it seemed real

That crib has securely held 5 of our babies… the only one who didn't sleep in it was Sister because Jojo, being just 15 months ahead, was still in it.  (Amazingly enough God provided a beautiful crib for her to sleep in too out of the blue from the same kind family who encouraged us to perservere with Jojo's soccer… Thank you, K and J.)  

Tonight, it's being used for the last time for one of my babies.  Tomorrow, she will move to a "big bed" in a new room and the crib will be taken down and stored for grandbabies, if God so provides.  Within the next month or so, she will wear her last diaper (I really like diapers, by the way) and graduate to big girl "peenies" as she says. 

My childbearing years have gone unless God provides a miracle for which I'd be grateful.  My last baby is not going to be a baby for much longer.  She already says she's a big girl.  These have been the most difficult but most rewarding days of my life.  


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Oh my gosh…that is so sad!! I am pretty sure you can keep her in the crib until at least 2 1/2. Why don’t you just wait until the first of the year?
It could be a resolution and all.
I am just not ready for you to give up the crib!!!
Don’t do it! She’s your last baby!!
I am afraid years for now this decision may haunt you!!!!
Come on just give her a couple more months!!!

Comment by Andrea



This was torture to read, because I am going to be saying goodbye to our beloved crib and diapers.

I don’t wannnnnnaaaaa!!!!!

Comment by caroline

Ugh. So sad. I will keep it in perspective while I am re-potty training my third.

Comment by Lora Lynn

Okay, you totally made me cry!!!

Comment by penny

Sheesh. Don’t be a sniveling wimp. Just take it down, move her into the other bed and be done with it.

Just kidding! I know it’s hard. I had lots of help from the pharmacist when I took down Buster’s crib.

Comment by distybug

I’m just as mushy about all of this stuff as you are!! Right now, I can’t imagine being done with this phase (but I only started 4 yrs ago…and inevitably someday I will have to face it just like you are) I told Jeph that when we’re ‘done’, I can’t be allowed near a Babies ‘R’ Us until I am way over it and happy to be onto the next phase. At that point, until I have moved on happily, he’ll have to do all my baby-shower shopping (and I feel sorry for those gift-receiving friends already, but that’s just what I’ll have to do!) 🙂 Anyway, this is how big families come about, but connecting to your earlier post…’it’s all gonna burn’ except these sweet little eternal children of ours 🙂

Comment by Heidi

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