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So far so good…
September 12, 2008, 10:35 pm
Filed under: Cute kids stuff

The Bee went down early– about 7:20 with Sugie– in her big girl bed.  She was happy and acted like it was no big deal although novel.  We prayed, sang, kissed, and out went the lights. 

And that was that. 

She never got up.  I heard them talking quietly for a couple of minutes but when I checked about 20 minutes later she was barely awake but acknowledged me as if to say, "Go away.  I was almost asleep!" 

The true test is always how the nap goes the next day… we shall see.  She has always napped in a pack 'n play in my closet– cool, dark, and quiet in the back of the house.  This will be a totally new experience for her….


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I think it’s so sweet to read you struggle and joy through these transitions when you’ve done them so many times before. Each blessing is truly a blessing.

Praying that naptime goes well for you tomorrow!

Comment by kellie

What a big girl! I cried yesterday when I read your post. Hope the nap goes well.

Comment by Kent

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