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Happy Reformation Day!
October 31, 2008, 10:31 am
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At the home of Clan Grits we celebrate Reformation Day

The more I ponder this event in history I am grateful for the opportunity to remember this day and the firestorm it started in our world.  We have been talking about this day for a while now in our house– not only what it means for us as Christians in the 21st century, but what the men of the reformation must have been like to make the stands they did.

And of course in our house, we talk about how we are going to celebrate– specifically what we are going to eat!  It's like a feast day in our house and we love it!  Tonight there's enchiladas (can't find the link for it… let me know if you want a recipe for the best and I'll get it to you!), black bean and couscous salad, caramel corn, cowboy cookies, chips and salsa, brown sugar smokies, bowls of candy, ice cream sundaes, hot buttered rum and some "German" beverages in celebration of the country of orgin of the day, and I hear some guests are bringing a "Diet of Worms" cake!  (ok, so dirt pie with gummy worms but pretty clever if you ask me!) 

I don't want to take away from the Christian liberty of others who have examined the alternative celebration of the day but we are grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Reformation Day!  

Here's some other things I've written previously about the day if you care to read. 
Either way, have a wonderful day!
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I feel the need to win
October 28, 2008, 8:08 pm
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I'm missing soccer.  But only kind of.  It was COLD out tonight, and I took Jojo's face in my hands when he complained of being cold… INSIDE THE HOUSE… and I said, "Your team has practice tonight!  Aren't you happy?"  He pouted for about, oh, 1.3 seconds then skipped away. 

But I really WOULD like to win here.  I love sewing stuff.  And these outfits are so precious!  Can't you see Bee in them? 

I really love to read sewing blogs.  I think I sew until I read them.  I lack good fabric and a good pattern.  I've had those disasters where I've attempted to sew without one.  Not pretty. 

When does life begin?
October 24, 2008, 11:25 pm
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I "happened" across this incredible statement on the blog of Randy Alcorn, who honestly I don't know a lot about but I take it he's a Christian.  ;-) 
Anyhow, many of us know the story of how John the Baptist, before he was born responded to Christ while he was in utero.  But read this:

Summary of Luke 1:39-44: After the angel left, Mary
"hurried" (v. 39) to get to Elizabeth. Unborn John the Baptist (in his
6th month after conception) responded to the presence of the unborn
Jesus inside Mary. Allowing for travel, Jesus was no more than 8-10
days beyond conception when they arrived. Implantation doesn’t begin
until 6 days after conception and isn’t complete until 12—most likely
Jesus was not yet fully implanted in his mother’s womb when unborn John responded to his presence.

I don't know about you but that makes a clear statement to me about life's worth to our Creator– Evidently Jesus was "there" from the get-go… not beginning at 5 months when He could survive outside the womb with our modern technology… not beginning when He was born because He was wanted… not beginning with when His mother "chose" him. 
It just amazes me… from the very first moment of conception He was Immanuel… GOD with us.   He didn't become Jesus the Messiah when He died on the cross… He was the Saviour the moment He became the "product of conception." 
That, being a human.  A person. 
I know it's cliche but it's a child, not a choice.  And from what I gather, we aren't to be choosing when another's life ends.  That's called murder. 

Choose life. 
Vote carefully. 

Dear Lord…..
October 22, 2008, 9:12 pm
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Dear Father, I have a few questions for you tonight.  I know I may not know for all eternity but one day if You would be honored in letting Your curious child know I'd be grateful…

Why do people who say they love democracy and free enterprise in our republic say it's not socialism to give "tax refunds" to those who don't pay taxes?  Isn't that really just stealing from people and giving it to those who quite frankly are just too lazy to work? 

Why, oh Lord, do all the most delicious things have saturated fat and cause diabetes?  And why can't the goodies in life, like ice cream and cookies and brownies and meat wrapped in bacon and dipped in sugar–why, Lord, can't they be health foods?

Why are my children quiet until I get on the phone, on the potty, or in a frantic situation?  And especially if I have a frantic situation on the phone while I'm on the potty.  That always solicits a scream from somewhere in the family. 

Why, dear Lord, do the ones we love the most have the ability to injure us most? 

And the waist, Lord, why did you make what was supposed to be tiny and attractive just sit RIGHT above where all our baby pudge would reside for the rest of our lives on earth?  It's like a big, giant boob from your belly button to your pelvic bone.  Is this attractive to you?  Do you see beauty here?  Why can't everyone?  Why can't muffin tops be hot? 

Why do clowns scare people when they are supposed to make us laugh? 

Lord, why is it that the most absolute precious time in a woman's life– when she has just experienced the miracle of birth and life– why is it that she's so exhausted that she can't enjoy it?  I would love to know that one. 

Did you make the little bitty dogs to really survive in the wild or are they some weird cultivation of the species?  Seriously, I'd like to know how that happened. 

And finally dear Lord, I'd love to know how you thought up the way babies came out.  I'm just askin'. 

Lord, now my kids are home and I will no longer be able to think of these questions.  I'm sure I'll have more.  Children always do. 


Wish it were mine!
October 22, 2008, 8:24 am
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Last night I went with Gayle to Sophie's house to enjoy a little music courtesy of Trent Monk which was a lot of fun and I took a little snack shared by Caroline (of the former Incomplete Thoughts) last year which wound up being a big hit!  For those who asked for the recipe, here ya go!  I didn't come up with it; wish I had!

I also want to say we really enjoyed hearing Trent's music.  Wow that guy has some pipes and some mad guitar skilz!  I was very impressed and I walked away with my name on the pre-order list for his new CD coming out as well as an acoustic one in my hand for the road.  I especially loved his "More Than That" song.  Wow.  I'm there.  I'm a fan! 

Thanks, Sophie, D, and Little Man for having us all over; and thanks Trent and "ShaneShane" Dan for coming and blessing us! 

I’m here
October 21, 2008, 5:28 pm
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I really haven't evaporated into the universe.  I'm just kind of in a funk.  Call it "writer's block" but I guess I'd have to actually be a "writer" if that were the case. 
I'm trying to stay off of the computer so much.  I'm ok– I'll be back!  🙂

NOT “seeker-friendly”
October 16, 2008, 8:46 pm
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I've mentioned, I believe, that I quit going to the neurologist because she wanted me to come every 4-6 weeks ($40 copay) and every time I would get 2-3 new prescriptions ($30-$100 in copays) to add to my regimen, with little result.  A lot of the time the side-effects made me dopey and depressed.  And like I said, very few results. 

So for months, I've just tried to watch my diet, take calcium and magnesium as well as (Sam's brand) Zyrtec, and I may have reduce my headaches by 20%, tops.  But when you are having headaches 5 days a week, that's something. 

This week I've had a lot of headaches again, and I was down to my last remaining Relpax which is a migraine drug I've used with some success– but my insurance company covered 4 a month.   THANKS for nothing.  I get 20 or more headaches a month.  And I'm not supposed to take medicine for headaches more than 3 days in a row.  (Well what the heck do you want me to do the other days I have a headache, SmartOne?)   So I finally decided to go to my general practitioner so I can just keep up a prescription for the triptipans but I hadn't been there since 2004.  (I told them, "Well, I have had some babies and have been to an ENT and a neurologist but not another GP!)  Anyhow, she said I'd be considered a new patient and the only "new patients" they were taking had to be approved by the dr to see if he thought he could help. 

"So what's the problem," the nurse asked me.

"Well, I have a lot of headaches and I've been seen by all kinds of doctors to try to reduce them but I'm at the point I just want to have something on hand to take when I get them." 

"Ok, well, I'll tell the doctor and let you know!" 

"Did I mention that my husband is a patient there as well?"

"Ok, I'll pass that on!" 

Yes, well, it's been 3 days and I've heard nothing.  Now I realize that I appear to be a drug-seeker.  Wish I had worded some things differently. 

I'm smart that way.