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It’s October!
October 3, 2008, 11:02 am
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And October is the beginning of fall in my house.  I don't decorate for anything but fall and Christmas.  I know that's weird, but deal with it.  I think in some ways, decorating for fall is my way of pushing the summer heat into the distant memory and visually getting me ready for the next thing:  Christmas. 

Mr. Grits thinks I'm insane that as soon as the kids are good and established in school, I start getting ready for Christmas.  I have really found that I do it out of necessity, not so much because I enjoy it.  We have 10 nephews to buy for (cheerfully, I might add) as well as 4 parents, 2 grandparents, as well as a number of other family gifts, depending on who will be in town that year, and the odd gifts that we seem to have to be prepared for each year (for a party or to reciprocate– modestly– any gift that comes our way.)  We do budget for Christmas and we try to be generous without going crazy– we aren't wealthy by American standards, but we do enjoy giving. 

It's hard to do all this keeping in mind the "reason for the season" as the cliche goes, but we do really try to stay centered on the fullness of Christ while enjoying the fact that it's become a cultural holiday as well.  Yes, I am capable of admitting that as well as doing it.  I try hard not to examine it too much.  Ahem. 

Already, I have a few stocking stuffers put away, as well as a list I'm beginning to compile for each of my children– things that I hear they mention they like or enjoy.  I had a child just yesterday say she'd like her own can of chicken broth and a jar of peanuts in her stocking.  This, I can do.  We're simple like that.

As far as decorations, I probably won't be picking anything new up this year as it's a "building year" for us financially.  (Only to mean we have different priorities this year, and so my Christmas budget is firm.)  This will be the first year we will, by God's grace and if the Lord wills it, not use any credit to purchase anything for Christmas (we have always paid it off in January when the bonus comes in, but we felt like among other things in keeping with James 4:13-17 that's not an option for us anymore.) 

Why do I feel the need to explain that we wouldn't put a can of chicken broth on a credit card in a normal situation? 

Anyhow, my job has slowed considerably which allows time for planning so I'm thankful.    I want to enjoy the season and not wish and "prepare" my life away.  So tonight, Lord willing, I'll be taking my oldest 2 to the football game to enjoy the crisp weather.  I don't know about this weekend.  But their may be some listmaking involved.  Reformation Day and Thanksgiving come first and there are some joyful plans to make!

When do you start preparing for the holidays? 


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You’ve inspired me to make my list! If you wait until the last minute, you’ll just go crazy. I think you’re smart to think ahead! Go girl!

Comment by Allison

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