Reformed Grits

October 7, 2008, 8:26 pm
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We didn't get the best news at the update at the orthopedic surgeon today.  Jojo's fracture has displaced and is now at a 35 degree angle (making it a tad worse than when he did it.)  The Dr said that it's a rare thing that a muscle in the upper arm moves in conjunction with some muscles that are attached to the wrist it causes it to move out of place.  I really don't understand it all or what I'm saying but the deal is that by moving his arm over his head– like the doctor told him to do to keep the swelling down and from returning– he has yanked his bone back out of place.  Big time. 

So Thursday morning, he will be having surgery to put the bone back as it should be, then having a pin (or plate– they didn't know for sure) put in to hold it there.  He was very upset when he realized what was going on (funny enough, it was before I even figured it out.  The doctor said they would "give him laughing gas" to fix the bone.  I was thinking, "OVER MY DEAD BODY!"  No kidding, I almost went postal on him until I realized he was being euphemistic.)  Please pray for him and any anxiety he may encounter over this.  He was really, REALLY bummed as he was even saying on the way there how he was hoping it would have miraculously healed so much he could have his cast off.  (Yeah, right, but I didn't burst that bubble.)

Anyhow, here's one of his x-rays of the original injury.  It's a side view of his arm. 
Jason's arm 1 - Copy (3)