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When does life begin?
October 24, 2008, 11:25 pm
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I "happened" across this incredible statement on the blog of Randy Alcorn, who honestly I don't know a lot about but I take it he's a Christian.  ;-) 
Anyhow, many of us know the story of how John the Baptist, before he was born responded to Christ while he was in utero.  But read this:

Summary of Luke 1:39-44: After the angel left, Mary
"hurried" (v. 39) to get to Elizabeth. Unborn John the Baptist (in his
6th month after conception) responded to the presence of the unborn
Jesus inside Mary. Allowing for travel, Jesus was no more than 8-10
days beyond conception when they arrived. Implantation doesn’t begin
until 6 days after conception and isn’t complete until 12—most likely
Jesus was not yet fully implanted in his mother’s womb when unborn John responded to his presence.

I don't know about you but that makes a clear statement to me about life's worth to our Creator– Evidently Jesus was "there" from the get-go… not beginning at 5 months when He could survive outside the womb with our modern technology… not beginning when He was born because He was wanted… not beginning with when His mother "chose" him. 
It just amazes me… from the very first moment of conception He was Immanuel… GOD with us.   He didn't become Jesus the Messiah when He died on the cross… He was the Saviour the moment He became the "product of conception." 
That, being a human.  A person. 
I know it's cliche but it's a child, not a choice.  And from what I gather, we aren't to be choosing when another's life ends.  That's called murder. 

Choose life. 
Vote carefully.