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I feel the need to win
October 28, 2008, 8:08 pm
Filed under: Sewing

I'm missing soccer.  But only kind of.  It was COLD out tonight, and I took Jojo's face in my hands when he complained of being cold… INSIDE THE HOUSE… and I said, "Your team has practice tonight!  Aren't you happy?"  He pouted for about, oh, 1.3 seconds then skipped away. 

But I really WOULD like to win here.  I love sewing stuff.  And these outfits are so precious!  Can't you see Bee in them? 

I really love to read sewing blogs.  I think I sew until I read them.  I lack good fabric and a good pattern.  I've had those disasters where I've attempted to sew without one.  Not pretty.