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Comin’ up blank
November 30, 2008, 3:39 pm
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I tried to come up with a snappy post title but that's what I got.  I came up blank. 

That really sums up my absence from the world of Reformed Grits blog lately.  I try but can't seem to pull a word-worthy thought from my head.  I do miss it.  I often think how I miss recording these days of our lives on here so that my children can see and hear and remember one day. 

Bee is potty training.  It's horrible. 

Sugie is reading.  She loves school. 

Poo has said he doesn't like being called that anymore.  He is, after all, 8 now.  I must come up with an 8 year old sounding name for him.   He and JD are no longer in scouts which is sad.  JD is doing drama and will be OZ in the school production of "Oz."  As you can imagine he is very excited. 

Sister is growing up.  She loves being involved with her youth group. 

Jojo got his cast off but is still on physical restrictions through Dec 30th.  Yeah, right.  He says he committed to playing soccer for this year (they have a yearly commitment; not seasonally committed) but doesn't want to play after this year.  I hardly know how to take this.  It's been our life for 9 years.

After this semester in seminary, Mr. Grits has 12 classes left.  He will be taking 3 next semester.  Before we know it our lives will change drastically.  I don't know where I will be living, or what I will be doing or where my kids will be in school.  We could be here for all I know.  I could be in North Dakota too.  I hope not; nothing against North Dakota but I don't think there is enough fuel there to keep this southern girl warm enough in the winter. 

I continue to have lots of headaches.  I'm on day 4.  I have spent the last 3 days in my pj's all day.   2 nights ago, I slept 11 hours.  Last night I slept over 10 hours.  We watched church from home today via internet– with my 4 day headache bender and the fact that half of our kids aren't feeling great we figured that was the best bet. 

I don't mean to sound down or gripey.  I really am thankful for the calm in our lives now.  I know it won't always be this way.  Change is a' comin'.   We have already felt the way God is preparing this new life for us, in the way we respond to criticism from others and the way we view the things we own and the things God gives us.  I'm not so sure that we've ever felt more like pilgrims. 

As we face a new year, we have considered getting a smaller house.  I know you must think I'm crazy but we aren't doing anything yet.  It's just a thought.  We'd probably rent or something because with the uncertainty around not only the economy but the job change in the near future for us (I mean in the next 2 years as the near future!) we thought it'd be nice to be "unentangled."  We are just talking about it. 

For now, I'm lying in my bed with my laptop in my pj's wishing I had a cup of hot tea.  Now, that is something I can take care of… I think I will!


She does exist
November 24, 2008, 11:43 am
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So I wrote on my facebook that one of my children was giving a presentation for their class and when asked how they made their Egyptian diorama… he replied, "My brother made it for me." 


And an old friend from college commented about that, and it reminded me of how stupid I am.  Not stupid; naive. Have I mentioned that? 

When I was in college, I worked as a student worker in the university's admissions office.  It was a great jig.  I still can't believe I got to do that as a work-study job.  I met a lot of fun people there and really liked it for the 3 years I worked there.  But I'm sure you can figure out that the perceptive folks there figured out that I was pretty naive.  

One of our student workers I had worked with graduated and started working full-time for the university in our office, so he was older but I was naive and trusting and so he told me his fishing secrets. 

Like how the BEST fishing worms they got at the fraternity house, when they opened the floor drain in the kitchen and would bait the worms that lived in there (the floor drain– not necessarily the fraternity house but that's debatable) to wiggle out by holding bites of leftover pizza, etc. over the hole.  He said if you knelt down and were real still they'd come up and eat right out of your hand!  And then you could grab them and go fishing with them.  And they were the best because the fish liked those kind of worms. 

It's nice to be trusted with secrets.  I'm a smart girl.