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2 things you wanted to know
December 10, 2008, 10:53 pm
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Alrighty so I have had a couple re-occuring questions.  I thought I'd answer them for ya on the ol' bloggity since I don't get here as much as I'd like. 

1.  Why did you make vanilla extract and how did you do it? 

Ok, these are like teacher gifts for my kids' teachers, and I made some for the folks in my small group at church.  It's so easy.  You buy a liter of rum– the cheap stuff works great.  If I had to do it again I'd get the gold kind but this time I got the clear.  For one liter I got about 15 vanilla beans here  (I actually bought a half pound and split with Caroline) and split them longwise up to the last half-inch.  Another thing I'd do different would be to scrape the seeds out and put them in the rum; but as it was I just split them and shoved them in the bottle.  I shook it really well and then set it in a cabinet for probably 6 to 8 weeks.  At first I shook it a couple times a day but then probably every few days. 
Meanwhile the hard part was actually figuring out what to put it in!  I got these 2 oz bottles and also a few 4 oz ones as well.  I got the dark ones because my understanding is that the dark bottle protects the flavor but I could be mistaken.  After sitting in the bottle for a while, using a funnel I poured the vanilla (after shaking it!) into the little bottles (which I washed first, and dried) and put a couple vanilla beans in (I had to cut them in half.) 
I got Avery 8293 labels, and again looking back I'd probably get a little bigger but they are cute.  I designed a little label, added some ribbon, and voila!  It's strong, smells yum, and not only that but it really could be "vanilla rum" if you wanted… just so ya know.  :-)  Oh and when it's gone you can put more rum in the bottle and use the vanilla beans again to make more! 

2.  How did the dr's visit today go about your headaches?  What did he say?

As you may or may not know I've been to ENT's, Neuro's, GP's, oral surgeons and who knows what else about the dumb headaches that plague me.  Taking zyrtec religiously has probably knocked off 25-30% of my headaches but even that isn't good enough, leaving me with headaches probably half the days of the month or so.  Maybe less now, I'm not sure and I'm tired of charting them all.  The neurologist said they were for sure hormonal migraines because I don't have them when I'm pregnant.  Today I went to my trusty OB/GYN to get help.  He wasn't convinced they were hormonal because the pattern isn't totally cyclical but was willing to give it a shot.  He gave me 2 options:
 A.  Get an IUD because they release steady progesterone.  Um, no thanks. 
 B.  Go on a progesterone birth control pill that makes you only have a cycle 4 times a year. 
Now I'm sure to many people you may think that's a no-brainer but I have really tried to avoid stuff like this.  I'm sure you may be snickering and thinking maybe I should have tried it earlier!  HA!  Well I'm glad I didn't, first of all.  Second of all, it was because of ethical reasons regarding the primary purpose of "the pill" which isn't a consideration now.  Mr. Grits had told me that whatever the dr suggested, I just should try it.  So I told him I would.  He gave me this which I haven't read about yet so I don't know anything about it.  He told me that it would either help if they were hormonal, or it wouldn't if they weren't.  He gave me a 3 month supply so I'll know without having to shell about the bucks.  He also gave me some samples of Treximet which I haven't read about either but is suppose to be expensive.

So that's the scoop. 
Any more questions??  🙂


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You are such a fountain of information!! I would LOVE to have only 4 cycles a year, but I do NOT do so well on BC. I want some of that Vanilla Rum–I mean extract—could I pay you for some???
I really hope something works for your headaches—I know I could never be as nice and pleasant as you are if I had as many heachaches and as often as you do!

Comment by Kent

I was on BC before and it made me “psycho” so I now have an IUD(Mirena) and, after my body got accustomed to it, have had no problems. Decisions, decisions, they never stop!
Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Comment by April

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