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I’m brave
January 17, 2009, 4:26 pm
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As soon as I hit “Publish” on this post I’m doing something scary.

I’m going to delete my old typepad account.

I know, I know it’s not really that scary but I did put “my life” there for a long time.   I miss writing every day.  I miss the interaction with (both of) you.  I miss the journaling of my life there.  But it seems that the older my kids get, the more complicated our lives get as we get closer and closer to ministry-life, the less transparent I’m able to be.  Just like in Uncharted Territory when I was unable to share the reason’s behind soccer’s demise in our home.  I hated that.

Things that have happened in our lives in the last month I can’t share regarding Mr. Grits’ job situation.  Growth milestones with my kids that could embarrass them if I shared.  “My” life is so entertwined in others’ lives that for me to share invades their turf and I get that.

The stories shared here have been precious to me.  I’ve moved them here for safekeeping.  Pushing “delete” on the old blog is scary because that time in my life will be gone– from that part of the internet anyway.   I’m brave enough to do that.   (gulp.)


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I know it must suck…at least you were able to save them here. :-I

By the way…I’m still a fan!

Comment by Andrea

I know…I would hate it, for instance, if something happened to Blogger and all my posts were destroyed. I haven’t saved them in any other way, and although I’m not extremely personal in my posts, they do chronicle my life to a certain extent.

Comment by Cindy Swanson

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