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Fun with Google
May 27, 2008, 9:31 pm
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I just thought I'd say, it's really funny that the top 3 searches that bring people to Reformed Grits are:

1.  "reasons not to run away" which totally breaks my heart…  I was trying to be funny but my heart hurts for someone who is really struggling with this. 

2.  "sips and strokes" which is a really good time for a GNO! 

3.  "forever young prom dress"  Oh my goodness.  I have some soul sistahs out there, sounds like.  I love the 80's!   Good times!

Speaking of the 80's… I really need to come up with a good "blast from the past" story… I'll work on that.

Have a great day, and don't forget the bugspray!


Fun with Google
April 12, 2008, 6:58 am
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Ok, so I haven’t done this in a while… but looking at my Statcounter, I can see how people find my blog through their different searches.  Mostly boring but occasionally entertaining and insightful! 

"blind without my contacts"– Well I feel your pain.  I am too.  Shall we have a moment of thanksgiving that we don’t live 100 years ago and look like ElizaJane Wilder with our glasses.  Amen.  Praise be.  Thank you, Jesus. 

"lamay dress"– Ahhh yes, you caught us reminiscing… The 80’s were cruel, cruel days, fashion-wise.  If you are the person who came here after googling this, I have a great therapist I can recommend.  Call me.  Moving on…

"sips n strokes"– Well, all I can say is, "what happens at Sips n strokes, stays at Sips N Strokes."  Good times. 

"reason why not to runaway"– I hope this was a joke.  Kind of like when I thought it’d be fun to list reasons why I decided to not run away.  I mean, besides being an adult.  The best reason not to run away is that it NEVAH solves anything; it just creates more problems, more conflict, and more despair.  The things, even in my life, that temporarily make me want to run screaming from the building are just that– temporary.  Now, if we were talking of an abuse situation, running is not the answer; but there are appropriate outlets for genuine help if, God forbid, that be the reason.  But then, all this is assuming someone wasn’t doing like I just did and googling "where to buy haggis."  See?  I’m not going to buy haggis.  I just wondered if you could.   Maybe someone just wanted to know if there was a reason to not run away.  The answer is, yes.  There is a reason.  I just gave it to you. 

Now I must move along because the benedryl is kicking in and making me sleepy.  And this post is getting boring fast. 
Anyone out there?  I’m posting, people!

Laugh WITH me
December 19, 2007, 8:57 am
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Last night I was invited to go with some school friends to Sips N Strokes for the second time.   This is a place, that if you had any talent at all which I don’t, is genius.  There are 2 locations now and I was told last night the owner is poised to open 10, yes TEN more in coming days.  The premise is, you bring your own "beverage" and paint.  Long tables are set up with easels and canvases, you get your brushes and paints, and you can sit with your friends, share a bottle of wine (or your jingle juice, or your cuervo, or your white russians, or your own personal bottle of whatever) and yuk it up as you attempt to paint the same picture. 
Each night there is a "theme" and an artist with a headset mic and a small stage tells and demonstrates what you are to do to achieve the night’s painting, which you know ahead of time.  (Most people choose the night they want to attend based on the painting they want to make.)  Last night our ring-leader chose this "Retro Cross."
It’s a lot of fun, and I showed up in Mr. Grits’ old sweats that were covered in paint and a long sleeved t-shirt from the thrift store.  You don’t get to do a girl’s night out in that get-up very often but it was really great after a long day to get away with that.   
And all that said, I can NOT paint.  I’m looking around being so impressed with everyone and all they are doing and wanting to crawl under the table!  My painting looks like Sugie did it.  And I don’t mean to insult her.  Ok, and just so you know I know you are going to comment and say, "Oh no, it’s really quite good!"  But just so you know, you can laugh WITH me… 

And while you are at it, know that in the middle of the night I awoke with Sugie and Bee’s stomach bug… I was in the bathroom "incapacitated" and lying on the cold tile floor for quite a bit screaming Mr. Grits’ name at the top of my lungs… and he slept right through it..

Yes, laugh WITH me…
So without further ado…  "Retro Cross."

And this is what I did last time "Funky Tree."

More fun with Google search words….
July 12, 2007, 10:45 pm
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How’s this for being found by someone googling:

yay my husband came home irritated and ready to spank

And they found ME?  Heh heh heh…

Ok, I’m absolutely DYING here…
June 28, 2007, 5:40 pm
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I was looking at my stats, because I’m anal and weird and trying to avoid having to cook dinner…

Anyway, I saw someone had found my blog on Google by searching for…

are you ready for this? 

homemade hard vomit

Yes.  That’s how they found me.  How SPECIAL is that?