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Mrs. Tabony Says…
December 16, 2007, 5:17 pm
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…no singing or talking while you are eating. — Amy H. and Sugie (Sugie does say that is so you won’t choke when you eat.)

…"Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle………………Mom, Mrs. Tabony
says that dishes and spoons and forks can’t reallly walk, but people can make
them walk."– Noah M

…ladybugs are smaller than foxes. — Noah M  (Thanks for clearing that up!  LOL) 

… we can NOT say ‘booger.’


May her wonders never cease…
September 24, 2007, 7:14 pm
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Tonight at dinner…

Sugie:  OH!  Mom!  Mrs. Tabony says she has EYES in the back of her HEAD!!!  She tried to show them to us but we couldn’t see them cuz of her hair. 

And now it’s time to play…
September 11, 2007, 6:27 pm
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Mrs. Tabony says!!!!!

Mrs Tabony says ‘After you go potty when you get in the classroom, you always have to get a puzzle.’  (Thanks, Noah!)

Mrs. Tabony says you have to wear your tennis shoes to school.  (Thanks, Caroline M!)

Mrs. Tabony says your food goes on your plate.  (As if this is the first time my child has heard this!!) 

Mrs. Tabony says if you talk while Mrs. Tabony is talking you have to sit in the corner. 

And last but not least today from Sugie…

Mrs. Tabony says we have to keep our clothes on. 


New category
August 27, 2007, 9:51 pm
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Sugie started 4K this year with our favorite preschool teacher in the world, "Mrs. Tabony."  Sug is the 3rd of our children to be privileged enough to have this gem of a teacher.   Anyone who has been blessed enough to have her teach their child knows that when a child is under the tutelage of Mrs. Tabony, "Mrs. Tabony says" becomes a very important phrase in your house.  You could convince your child to lick the toilet by telling them that Mrs.  Tabony says it’s good to do so.  Not that she would ever do so.  Well, that’s ridiculous.  The things that come from Mrs. Tabony’s mouth only reflect goodness and charity and wisdom. 

I love Mrs. Tabony.  She is systematic.  I love that.  I love order.  It facinates me.  Probably because I have none at home.  I love that if she sees a mommy comforting a child in the hall who is crying because they don’t want to go to school that day, she will march out in the hall, yank that child up by their arm and march them to the classroom while telling the sniveling mom, "He will be fine.  Have a good day."  You know, they always are.  I love that.  She just knows. 

It’s like boot camp.  For 4 year olds.  Welcome to school.

Hence, my new category.  I want to collect these gems for posterity.  Some may be simple.  Some may be funny.  But there will be a lot of them. 

I love that woman, God bless her, and all those kids who she’s yanked a knot in their chains love her too.  What Mrs. Tabony says, is gospel! 

"Mrs. Tabony says we have to eat our sandwich first." 

"Mrs. Tabony says we have to keep our bloomies covered.  And our tummies."

That’s all I have for now, but school just started.  Oh and my dear friends who have children in her class, please leave your "Mrs. Tabony Says"’s from YOUR house in my comments! 

I’m keeping my ears peeled.  And my bloomies covered.