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Lost Season Finale….NOooooooooooooooooooooo!
May 29, 2008, 11:29 pm
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I can't wait another year!  I'm on the floor throwing a temper tantrum that it's all over! 

WOW!  What a great episode!  I'm still "chewing" on it so I don't have a lot to say. 

-Just before the bomb blew, Christian appeared and said, "Now you can go."  I'm guessing this is a throw back to when Michael was trying to kill himself and couldn't and Mr. Friendly told him he couldn't because the island wouldn't let him.  He tried and tried, but couldn't.  So it was interesting that Christian said, "Now you can go."  To me that says, he really IS dead.  I mean, obviously, but it removes all hope I think of anyone being alive. 

-Why do all the Oceanic 6 (plus Walt) refer to John Locke as Jeremy Bentham?  Why did they not just call him Locke?

-Ben looks TOTALLY different in the flash forwards.  I know he looked whooped up on the island, but TOTALLY different.

-Did anyone notice there were some weird clips where it almost looked green-screened?  One, in particular, was when Jack was on the lifeboat.  Jojo said, "It looks…. old."  Yeah, it kind of did.  Whassup with that?

-Claire!  She's freakin' me out.  I mean I know it was just a dream, but we all know it wasn't. 

-The whispers… it happens before someone "teleports?"  Maybe or not, but it seems so.  Does that mean, for instance, that Ecko when eaten by the smoke monster was actually transported out into another dimension or something and possibly DID play checkers with Hurley? 

-And Charlotte saying she was still trying to find where she was born– did she mean the island?  Don't pregnant women and babies die on the island? 

-What happened to Daniel and all the "red shirts" that went on the motor boat to the freighter?  No freighter to go to and no island to go back to.  How was it that Penny's boat didn't find THEM also?

-When I see the things I just wrote, I wonder if I'm just as crazy as Hurley… This show spins me in circles.  I am SOOO going to miss it!!!!! 


Thoughts on American Idol… Liiiiivvve!
May 21, 2008, 9:03 pm
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Ok, not really "live blogging" because we are halfway through the finale… But a couple things…

  • Really.  Enough with the cheesy choreography on the group numbers.  I'm embarrassed for them… Hey, I'm embarrassed WITH them.  And I'm really tired of all white clothing.  It's just not complimentary to see guys in white pants and shoes.  They look like… "murses." 
  • The David and David number… ok it was actually really good.  I bet it's a big iTunes moneymaker tomorrow.  But… was Little David wearing…. leather pants?  Please tell me they were just shiny. 
  • We had a lot… LOT.. of explaining to do about the whole GURU/ Mike Myers thing.  Or, NOT to do. 
  • I'm not kidding.  If I have to say, "YALL HUSH!!!"  to my kids one more time or "SIT DOWN!"  I'm going postal…
  • Ok the music is AWESOME!  Yall I almost fell out of my chair when Bryan Adams came on!  Me and Mr. Grits both just jumped up and started singing along!  WE LOVE HIM and honestly had just about forgotten he existed.  LOVE his music!!!!  Whoa, talk about music that "takes you back…!" 
  • ZZ TOOOPPPPP!  That is a treat!  My kids were very confused, however.  They said, "Are they just really old guys from like the 60's or something??" 
  • Call me a geezer, but I liked the song with Nash and Brooke White.  It was really sweet and sounded pretty I thought.  
  • Is that…?  DAVID COOK dancing in his undies???  OH MY GOSH.  LOL 
  • Hm.  The Jonas brothers?  I wonder how it would feel to be the ugly brother.  Or the brother who can't play anything but the tambourine.  Did you see him throw it up in the air?  Special.  
  • Wow.  I was really scared Paula was going to have a serious wardrobe malfunction in that dress dancing with the band.  I thought this was a family show??
  • That Apologize song?  That was awesome!  I liked that.  Good job.  I'm predicting David A wins… even thought I "prefer" David Cook… Oh well.  My kids call it the "Kool-Aid" song.  "It's Kool-Aid to 'pologize…"
  • Man, Jack Black doing the Pips reminded me of Chris Farley doing Chippendales.  Anyone??
  • Wow… Carrie Underwood… My kids were distracted from the words to the song thankfully… sadly they were distracted by the fact that they wondering if she had anything on under her coat.  Wow. 
  • AHHHH, David Archeletta is a light-weight!  He wore boxers and wouldn't do that legs over the head move…. Annnnd we are all grateful.  Thank you. 
  • And you have to love a WHAM!/ George Michael flashback!  I SO had those "tapes!"  Love it! AWESOME!  But that was before he was, well you know, playing for the other team…  His glasses were like something out of the 80's.  Two words…. "En Fuego!!!" 
  • WHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  I AM THRILLED THAT DAVID COOK WON!  But I wish my kids would STOP CRYING SO LOUD!!  I CAN"T HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!    SHOCKED.  But Thrilled!  I am so shocked!!!
  • Until next year…. !

LOST thing
May 16, 2008, 6:58 pm
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Ok there is too much swirling in my aching head to post about this awesome show.  A couple things:

-Did ANYONE else notice the use of the white rabbit’s foot?  The whole white rabbit thing has been woven into the whole series and I have not seen ANYONE else mention this on any other blog or board about last night’s show.  One of the pilots bringing the Oceanic 6 back to civilization was rubbing one.  Hurley’s dad had one on the keys he handed to Hurley for the car as well!  What is the deal with the white rabbit and this show?  It most assuredly means SOMETHING.  Anyone’s thoughts?

-Best line of the night– Hurley’s mom:  "Jesus Christ is NOT a weapon."  Just about wet myself on that one. 

-A big "OOO yeah!!!" for Sun telling her bad daddy off!  WHOOHOO!  "No, you will respect ME!"  Go girl! 

-Is it just me or is anyone supposed to believe that Aaron is 5 weeks old?  You kidding me?  And a preemie at that?  Are we supposed to think that the island made him healthy and strong for a 5 week old, or is that just some clueless man who does casting? 

I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts later but I’m eager to hear yours– especially if you noticed the rabbit’s foot or know anything about the white rabbit. 
People who don’t watch Lost must think I’m insane for talking like this. 

I may never sleep again
May 8, 2008, 10:37 pm
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It’s that danged Lost!

I am so wigged out… not over Christian.  I knew all along he was in that chair. 
CLAIRE.  WHAT was she doing there?  And why was she looking so relaxed like it was no big deal and she wasn’t concerned about leaving Aaron.  On a leaf.  In the jungle.  At night.  With the smoke monster.  And polar bears.  And Ben.  And who knows what else?  WHY?  I’m so freaked out.  There was nothing in the world they could have done that could have freaked me out more…

And is it just me, or did anybody really give a flip about John’s past?  I know it was supposed to be all freaky and weird that John was "visited" by those people all along, but I found myself uninterested and uncaring.  Kind of like, so what?  Yeah, yeah, the time travellers came and saw him because he’s chosen.  (yawn.)  I’ve ceased to care about John or give a flip.  That whole storyline bored me. 

Did you catch the "beeping" of the SOS message when the guy first noticed it, and the doctor in the background?  We had to rewind that one twice because Mr. Grits didn’t at first.  (Then he was like, "um, yeah, sure enough.  Press play.")  I just was happy to catch it when it first happened.  No biggie. 

Anyone have any grand revelations?  I didn’t really love this episode other than the Claire thing at the end.  Which I didn’t really love– I kind of hated and want to go curl up in the fetal position under my bed for 3 days.  But it was the only part that interested me I think.  Tell me this episode had a point, and I just missed it, please? 

American Idol- Top Four
May 6, 2008, 10:34 pm
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I don’t want to dwell on this, but I wanted to sum up my thoughts tonight, and get yours! 

David Cook- Well, a little Duran Duran is always a good thing.  I go back, baby!  That was a good way to start for me.  I liked it a lot and it pumped me up for the show, but I wasn’t blown away.  The second song, I was just kind of sitting there going, "Huh?"  Weird.  I think he could have chosen better.
Jason Castro-  Oh dear, this hurt.  I really like Jason.  I get his mellow, soulful vibe.  But oh my word, I felt terrible for him tonight.  I didn’t hate the first song but I thought the judges were really cruel and harsh with him.  It really wasn’t THAT bad.  I didn’t love it, but they were harsh.  The second song, oh dear, by that point, I was already singing, "Pleeasse, celebrate me homee….."  We’ll miss you Jason, but it’s time.

Syesha Mercado-
  Oh mercy.  The first song, I felt like she was doing dinner theatre or something.  Or some movie where she was on stage in some martini bar or something– shakin’ her moneymaker and all.  UGH.  I felt awkward watching her, and a little uncomfortable.  The second song, I thought she looked very pretty but wanted to put the triangle of fabric back over her cleavage to spare my staring boys but the song was (yawn) boring.  The crying?  Oh please.  Spare me.

David Archeletta or however you spell it-
  I’m laughing because he’s the teddy bear and he’s sucking up to all the teenyboppers with cell phones– "Beautiful girls, stand by me"  and "Gee, I’ve never gotton to sing a love song on the big stage…"  But he’s got the goods.  He’s very gifted and I very much enjoyed his songs.   He really does deserve to be there.  Both songs were really good and he sang them well.  Our only complaint was, hello?  Isn’t this supposed to be ROCK AND ROLL?  I was practically lulled to sleep by his choices they were so tame.  All I could think of him doing was singing his children to sleep one day or crooning to some little sweetie… but rock and roll?  Um, me thinks not. 

Who should go?
  Oh dear, you know it’s Jason. 

Who will go?  That’d be Jason.

Top two will be…?
The Davids

The winner?
I think David A, and it’s all good so that David Cook can "cook" his own deal.  David A needs the guidance from AI, but David Cook is ready to do his own thing and not be told what to do every step of the way and be over-produced. 

May 1, 2008, 10:50 pm
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Ok, so WHO watched Lost tonight? 
This show slays me! 
I knew it was going to be Kate in the shower.  KNEW it. 
Did anyone else get the impression that by this point Jack knows he’s related to Aaron?  The whole "You aren’t even related to him!" thing made me think that.  Dunno why. 
WHY would Claire go off with her dad?  He’s a jerk? Evil!  EVIL!  And leave Aaron?  I’m guessing it’s a weird trick of the island.  I wanna know why she never comes back for him.  CAN she?  Is she held against her will?
I’m thinking we are getting close to them leaving the island. 
I’m thinking Jack gets to leave because he’s sick.  Kate gets to leave with the baby to take care of him.  Sun gets to leave because she’s pregnant.  Why does Hurley get to leave?  Sayid is already off the island but what about Michael?  He’s off the island.  Why isn’t he one of the Oceanic 6?  I don’t get that. 
This show… I love it but it’s making me crazy!!!
Your thoughts?

American Idol– results for 4/23
April 23, 2008, 9:03 pm
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Wow, ok, so they haven’t shown the whole thing yet– just that Carly and Syesha are in the bottom two, but I am S H O C K E D that Brooke was safe.  And Jason for that matter.  What?? 
This show is weird…

And now the results…


Well, after last night I thought about it and realized Brooke was going to get the sympathy vote and wouldn’t go home.  Then I realized Jason would get the same thing from all the teeny-bopper girls.  So that left of course Syesha and Carly.  I figured Carly would lose that battle.