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Where’d it go??
January 30, 2008, 12:39 pm
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The 3rd installment of "I plead ignorance" has disappeared. 

Well, not really.  It got moved back to draft.  I was told it was "TMI" by someone I trust implicitly. 

If I offended anyone, I do apologize and I hope that it wasn’t a stumbling block to anyone. 

If you missed it?  Well, I’ll have to dig down in the recesses of my brain and think of a different one.  Let’s just say that you tend to lose all sense of modesty when you have a baby.  When you have given birth to seven?  Well, there’s really just no hope that you will ever be able to tell the difference in what’s "TMI" and what’s "LOL." 

THANK YOU to everyone who has commented to win the apron.  I really thought I’d get a lot of "pity comments" and all, but I’m really pleased that many of you like it as much as I did.  More practical than a lot of aprons out there, and like I told my sister… if I have to IRON it?  Forget it.  I didn’t want to bring this up, but in case you don’t win I have 3 more on sale at in a little shop there if you really like them.   I’d be willing to make more, if needed, but don’t want to go crazy making aprons if they are going to sit in my sewing cabinet.  🙂

Have a great day!


Houston, we have a problem…
September 3, 2007, 5:18 pm
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The other day I’m checking my email, minding my own business when 1/3 of my computer screen goes green, fuzzy, then stripes black and white.  When I say 1/3, I really mean 2/6 because if you were to divide my monitor into 6 columns and number them 1-6 left to right, 2 and 3 would be out.  And strangely, 2 would be white, and 3 would be black.  I’ve been maneuvering around the weirdness until I can get a new computer from the school (this is my work computer– yes I have permission to do personal things on this computer!) but now column number 1 has gone out– and that lovely plot of land is where my icons were.  It’s also where the Start button is.  And all the control buttons, etc.  So I honestly have VERY limited access right now. 
Therefore I may be taking a wee blog break until I can get things as they should be.  I despise getting new computers.  I love my things the way they are, and I have so many things that will need to be moved over it won’t be fun. 

Anyhow– Have a great week.  Hope you are all enjoying your Labor day!  I’m boiling up a pot of Frogmore stew and we are eating corn and avocado salsa and homemade banana pudding for dessert.  🙂

I love free money!
May 30, 2007, 3:57 pm
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I am unashamedly plugging again!  I just got another check mailed to me, according to the website, and I am going to do something vera niiice for myself with it!  I have already, too, started to order uniforms for the kids for school for the fall and I can’t believe it but I actually get a rebate (3%) on that too!  On the things I’m ordering for our Scotland trip (Oriental Trading, 3%), on shoes for the kids (so I don’t have to go shopping! 10% back at Shoebuy and free shipping!), and who knows, maybe I’ll find a rebate on something good for Father’s Day! 

And again, shamelessly here, if you sign up, use my link and I get $5 and so do you! 

Back in the thick of it
May 14, 2007, 10:01 pm
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Well it didn’t take long to get life back to normal.  Mother’s Day was grand!  I stayed in bed all day resting and doing basically nothing but surfing.  I even watched church from the bed as Bee had a yucky nose so I stayed home with her.   I was spoiled at every turn, with Mr. Grits doing the laundry (again) and cleaning and generally taking care of bid’ness.   I love that man! 

Did I mention that God has provided our costs for Scotland in their entirity?  I am so amazed.  I really thought we’d have to cough up a grand portion of it, which we were willing and prepared to do.  Now we can just use the money on Bibles!  Yeah!  Thank you, God! 

After a week of no school work, I am back in my end-of-the-year "festivities."  End of the year is a VERY busy time for me but several innovations have REALLY eased my load which was becoming unbearable.  Emailing parents instead of doing mailouts is HUGE HUGE HUGE and VERY cost effective!  Yay technology!  Also, the board has employed a tuition management service, which folks are already signing up for.  Another HUGE help to me is a bright orange form we sent out this year asking parents how they would be paying their tuition next year.  (Pay in full, monthly check draft, or invoice)  Now I can go ahead and enter their charges when they reply instead of waiting just to see who sends in their entire tuition by July 1 then scrambling to enter charges after the fact.  YEAH!  I’ve "only" been doing this job for 7 years and I’m amazed at the way I learn every year and (I hope) do better every year.  I really think this will be the best year yet! 

Can you believe stamps went up?  I have all my thank you’s for my dear Scotland benefactors ready to mail and can’t because I need $.02 stamps for them!  Gr! 

Oh and this weekend is Jojo’s big end of the season State Cup tournament… and then it’s OVER!  (see me happy-dancing!)  I love soccer but I’m ready for Mr. Grits to be done coaching.  Of course, tryouts are the first weekend in June so it won’t be for long but I’ve threatened a big temper tantrum if he says he will coach again!   He is finishing up an apologetics class for school and is preaching communion service at the end of the month so is preparing for that. 

Done rambling…

Web design will never make me rich…
April 19, 2007, 9:10 pm
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… or even give me pocket change because I have no CLUE what I’m doing but I was sick of the dark look.  I never can escape not making the main picture fit but this will have to do. 

Oh and the picture is Dunsinane Hill in Collace, Scotland where I will be spending my days July 13-23, God willing.  There are some dear friends there that we will be working with on VBS, youth ministry, and friendship evangelism in the village.  The pointy thing on top of the hill to the left is a pile of rocks left by those who have climbed to the top.  God willing, this summer I will be leaving one from Alabama there. 

And one day, I will blog about the personal significance of this site for our family.  🙂

Kim needs…
April 14, 2007, 10:45 pm
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I did this a long time ago but not here and it was funny so I thought it’d be fun to put it up since Google changes daily.  If you want to play, you just google "(your name) needs" and enjoy!

1.  Kim needs… to take off the gloves.   (Yeah baby, it’s go time!) 

2.  Kim needs… help big time!  (I’m glad you finally noticed!)

3.  Kim needs… some guinea pigs.  (NO THANK YOU!)

4.  Kim needs… service.  (Preferably with a smile… )

5.  Kim needs… to shut up.  (Hey, it’s my blog!  If you don’t wanna hear what I have to say, GO AWAY!)

6.  Kim needs… to talk.  (MAKE UP YOUR MIND!)

7.  Kim needs… a pee.  (I just went, thank you.)

8.  Kim needs… some hints.  (How about, just a clue.)

9.  Kim needs… your attention.  (I love attention!)

10.  Kim needs… to die!  (All good things must come to an end, I suppose…)

And there you have it.  The top ten things I need.  And now, I don’t need a blog for the day!   

JD’s Blog
January 30, 2007, 8:28 pm
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Ok so my 8 year old, JD, who is my creative child and likes to draw and write, has started a blog.  His poem made me laugh.  Y’all check him and leave him a comment.