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Works For Me Wednesday
April 16, 2008, 9:43 am
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I’m so rushed today… working, sick kid, and headed to do errands but I wanted to share something I thought of when I was out the other day and I thought it’s really a no-brainer but I didn’t think of it until, oh I don’t know, my 4th child and when it crossed my mind it occurred to me it’d be a great WFMW tip.

So you have a young child and you have a buggy/cart or whatever you regionally call the thing you put groceries or items in at Walmart or the grocery store.  We call it a buggy so henceforth I will call it a buggy because I tend to get logorrhhea.  I hate leaving my wee one in the car to return a buggy to the corral.  And if it’s cold or rainy or hot or whatever I don’t want to push them there and carry them back to the car.  SO… prepare for a thunderbolt… when you are looking for a parking spot, forget looking for the one closest to the door.  Choose the one closest to the buggy corral. 

The end.

Now go learn some even cooler stuff.


Works For Me Wednesday
March 19, 2008, 4:08 pm
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Ok, I know my child had surgery just a few short hours ago but I’ve been meaning to post this great WFMW tip for.ever and keep forgetting.   Anyhow, she’s already running around you know asking for stuff so she’s fine. 

Ok.  If you have NOT noticed, I am a girl from the South.  We will not debate the connotation of the word "girl" or the fact that I am 35.  I was born in the South.  I have always lived in the South.  And Lord, help me, if I don’t die in the South.  It’s all I know and love, and it’s just who I am for Pete’s sake so leave me alone about it, ok?
Everyone who is a TRUE daughter of the South has at least one cast iron skillet.   You can deny it, but if you don’t have one I’d question your allegiance in matters of the War of Northern Aggression.   Many of us have our Granny’s skillets or our Mom’s skillets.  I just have one I got at Bed Bath and Beyond, because my beloved husband, who is a Yankee, proved to me that a cast iron skillet can be destroyed by putting it in an oven on 500 degrees for a few hours.  Still not sure how or why that happened, but why Yankees do anything I don’t know. 
BACK to what I was saying.  My Granny always told me that you don’t use soap on a cast iron skillet which grossed me out, but I never did it for fear of what may happen.  However I never quite knew how to get it REALLY clean.  Until I met Mr. Alton Brown.  No, not in real life.  On tv.  And he shared with me something that revolutionized my sweet Southern life.  He rinsed out his skillet, and dumped a few tablespoons of table salt in there, and scrubbed it with a paper towel.  He threw the paper towel away, and rinsed that baby clean; dried it, and then replaced the seasoning with a brush of oil on a paper towel (or something like that.)   Well, the part I remember anyhow was the salt.   
And that Works For Me. 
It’s changed my life.  And how much salt I buy on a regular basis. 

Works For Me Wednesday
February 27, 2008, 10:01 am
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I hate shopping.  But I hate running out of diapers worse.  About a year ago, my friend Caroline and I started splitting orders on because they are very competitively priced (usually cheaper!), you can get formula, wipes, and other baby supplies, when you spend over $50 shipping is FREE, and I can NOT believe how fast they are.  In fact, I just ordered diapers and wipes just now and the estimated day of arrival is Friday.  That’s right.  Free shipping and it will be here in 2 days.  You can even send in coupons for your favorite items and they will credit them to your account when you buy those orders. 
I also love the fact that you can get referral credits which we should all take advantage of!  When you use my code KIMA2284 you get $5 off your first purchase (that’s better than a coupon) and if you get referrals, every time THAT person orders you get $1! 
I just think is a great service that is convenient and reasonably priced, and I HIGHLY recommend it for those who need diapers, wipes, formula, and any other baby supplies. 

I should also mention that I go through and get 1% back on these purchases also!

And for other great tips, go visit Shannon.

Works For Me Wednesday
February 6, 2008, 4:48 am
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Wfmwheader_2Well, I haven’t participated in this in a while but Shannon asked the question "What is your favorite online stores or sources?"  If you have been here any time at all you will know that I really love my!  I have gotton over $200 cash back in my online shopping life with them on purchases I was making anyhow.  All I do is register, click on the link of the store I want to go to, and I get a percentage back in my account.  And until Valentine’s day, when you sign up you get a "signing bonus" of $10 with your first purchase, and I will too! 
I buy my diapers online ( 1% back), kids uniforms and all our swimsuits (Lands’ End 3% back), and recently I ordered contacts for Mr. Grits and Sister and am expecting that check next payday (every quarter) for around $35.00 ( 7%!).    GO LOOK, sign up, and buy stuff you are going to get anyhow.  I LOVE EBATES!!!!

Works For Me Wednesday
January 3, 2007, 12:45 am
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Wfmwheader_5_1 For more bright ideas, go here now!

Ok, so the spagetti sauce thing.  I make a huge batch of it and freeze it quart jars.  You could use smaller jars too for pizzas, dipping bread sticks, etc if you like (it does call for meat, so you could omit but on the pizza I just say it’s hamburger pizza!)   Manicotti, lasagna, etc.  You have sauce now and can have an easy homemade dinner in the time it takes you to unscrew the lid and defrost in your microwave and heat up.  Another tip is this:  go get the ingredients at Sam’s Club or Costco or whatever you use.  Spices are cheaper.  The tomato sauce in the big lunchroom sized can is DIRT CHEAP and it’s all the same.  And you will use those spices because you are gonna make this every month or so, if you are like me!  So here’s the big batch recipe.  And I mean BIG so uses a HUGE stockpot or whatever gigantious thing you have. 

Spagetti Sauce (Big Batch)

5 lbs ground beef (I use less and in the large recipe you won’t miss it if you want to cut costs.  Often I use 2-3 lbs to save money.)

5 onions (I use a bag of frozen onions which makes it very cheap and easy)

1 T minced dry garlic (more or less depending on your family’s tastes.  If you must trouble yourself to use the real deal, it’s about 20 cloves of garlic.)

3 T + 1t. chili powder (again, SAM’S!!!)

1 T oregano (not going to say Sam’s again)

5 t. salt

1/4c. + 1 T sugar

1 HUGE can crushed tomatoes (that’s the food service size or that’s 5 of the 28 oz cans at the grocery store.)

5-15 oz cans of tomato sauce

Brown all the meat and onions together.  If you haven’t used lean ground beef you are going to want to drain this I’m sure but I only use the leanest so I can skip this step… and it’s better for you.   Dump all the rest of the ingredients in, stir well (which can be a challenge!) and simmer about 20 minutes.  Like I said, I use quart jars and freeze it up.  Make sure you leave headroom.  If you use jars this is not a recipe for CANNING, so it must be frozen, or refrigerated and used quickly. 

This DEFINATELY works for me!  (I’ll be doing this today, actually!) 

Works For Me Wednesday
December 13, 2006, 12:07 am
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Wfmwheader_5 For more great ideas, head to Rocks in My Dryer!

Did you know it’s actually better, culinarily speaking, to do your cooking with eggs that aren’t straight from the refrigerator but are room temperature?  One main reason is that the coldness of the eggs can harden the fats in recipes and make them curdle!  Who wants that?  So instead of keeping eggs on the porch or counter like my dear Scottish friends so they will be room temperature (er, the eggs; not the friends) I pull my cold eggs out, put them in a glass of warm water, and by the time I’m finished assembling my ingredients and am ready to use them they are room temperature.  So now you know what works for me! 

Works For Me Wednesday
November 29, 2006, 12:37 am
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Wfmwheader_copy3_7_9 I’m sure you can find some better ideas than this one if you pop on over to Shannon’s! I’m running on empty here…!

Baby poop.  I wouldn’t believe you if you told me you were a mom and your baby NEVER once pooped out his diaper.  Actually, I’d ask what brand you used, but that’s beside the point.  Here’s my fail-proof (well, in my experience) no-mess way to get those nasty stains out.  I have a large jar with its lid in my laundry room.  If I get a baby poop item I put about a tablespoon of OxyClean in there and fill it with HOT water.  Put on the lid, and shake it up.  Drop the baby item in and replace the lid.  Shake, shake, shake.  Now forget it for a day or so, unless you happen to walk by.  Then shake it again.  On the next laundry day dump the whole mess in the washer and launder as usual.  And save your jar for the next time, because you know there will be one.