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The most wonderful time of the year
January 2, 2009, 8:56 pm
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We’ve had a really great time at home this Christmas season! Everything from having my sweet honey home almost the whole time, girls night out where I blew a jalapeno out my nose (I’ve got mad skilz to be able to do this!), a 7 lb weight gain from copious amounts of goodies, and so many wonderful presents that I can’t even tell you! Tonight Mr. Grits and I are going on a date and I look forward to that as well.
We’ve been staying up until horrible wee hours and sleeping until… well, let’s just say late. Today Sister and I had our eye doctor appointments at 8:30 AM. What was I thinking? My kids have always been early risers. In fact a long while back we instilled a “you can’t get up until 6:30 AM” rule. Because it got earlier and earlier each day. Once Jojo had a friend to spend the night and I heard them playing video games in the playroom at 4 in the morning. I ran down to give them the business. When I got there, his friend was sacked out on the couch and Jojo was engrossed in a game.
“What are you doing up this early! You are going to wake your friend and you need to go back to bed!”
He looked at me in a confused way and said, “But mommy, I haven’t GONE TO BED YET!!!!!” Argh.
But I digress.
This morning I had the alarm set for 7:30, and when it went off I wanted to cry. We had gone to bed around 1 AM after battling each other in High School Musical Sing It! on the Wii as well as a few rounds of MarioKart. And then, I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned. So I popped a couple Tylenol PM. A little while later I got the “jumpy legs” so I got up and took a melatonin and 2 benedryl. When that didn’t help, I finally turned to my last resort in insomnia-battling techniques and took the HOTTEST shower I could for as long as I could. That did the trick for me. About 4:30 AM. And so I got about 3 hours sleep. Have I mentioned that lately I’ve been getting between 8-10 hours of sleep a night? It didn’t feel good. At all.
None of the children were up at this hour which used to be strange but for some reason once Jojo started being able to sleep in, everyone began sleeping in. Hmm. Correlation? I believe so.
I miss sleep. I came home from the eye doctor, ordered new contacts and glasses online (which all got denied because our new flex card company is having “issues!” GR! I’m almost OUT of contacts!) and fell straight-away asleep. I’m talking I pulled a Churchill and put on the pj’s and crawled under the duvet and put a pillow on my head and slept through the next few hours which, honestly, sounded like I had birthed six wild horses who clomped endlessly over the hardwood floors and up and down the stairs.
I didn’t care. I slept, even though I heard them.
And as I began to rouse, Mr. G noticed me and said, “You can stay and rest more. I’m taking them all to McDonalds.” (They got gift cards for Christmas.) WOOHOO!
I lazed a round a bit and got a sudden hankering for the last bits of the peppermint ice cream.
Imagine my SHOCK! AND! SURPRISE! when I exited my bedroom and discovered my sweet hubby and the kids had cleaned the house!
Someone speaks my love language.

I hope you are enjoying YOUR most wonderful time of the year!