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You may not want to read this

On facebook, I mentioned that I was making laundry soap today.  Well, it’s next on my list after the kids go to bed.  I have done this once and it makes a ton.  My first impression was that it was watery, and I wasn’t overly impressed.  I needed to “feel” that it was working.  But to be honest, our clothes are clean.  I still have to spray-and-wash stuff, and I think that in my next batch I’m going to add some color-safe bleach because I’m used to Tide with Bleach and I really like my whites white.  I suppose most folks do, but these were just  my thoughts on my first experience with homemade laundry soap.

The other thought I had was that I miss the yummy smell of laundry soaps.  If you don’t like it or if fragrances bother your skin then you are gonna love this stuff.   It smells “chemically” in the container but there appears to be no smell AT ALL after they are laundered.   The best part is, it’s SO cheap!  Also it makes so much that I don’t have to do it often, and with 6 kids we do a LOT of laundry.

I wish I could say I came up with this but I didn’t.  Actually I got the “Recipe” here.   The bar soap referred to as “Fels Naptha I got at Publix for around $1.   The other things were really pretty inexpensive too and you don’t use all of them.    The lady who has the site that the recipe is on says she figured it at $.71 a batch.  I easily got 70 loads out of a double recipe so what’s that, like $.02 a load?    I hate to even think of what my old friend “Tide with Bleach”  costs per load.

A great friend joked that if  times had gotten so rough that I needed to make my own laundry soap that she’d spot me a $20.  I thought that was hilarious because if there was any time in our lives that we can afford laundry soap, it’s now… I just don’t want to spend $25 a month on the stuff at Sam’s!   I can think of lots of other things I can spend that money on.  (By the way, that would come to $300 a year.  On something that goes down the drain!)

Alrighty, so let me know if you try it or if you have questions I’ll see what I can do to help.  Once I got over the fact that I didn’t “feel” like it was enough (doesn’t bubble up, doesn’t change the water color, doesn’t smell) I really actually appreciated the whole process…


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I love making my own!! There are quite a few good recipes out there. I’ve been using the one I found in the Duggars new book. I love, love, love it!!

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