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Dioramas and dresses
November 19, 2007, 10:49 pm
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Poo had a diorama due today for a book he read.  (He’s in first grade.)  I have never been more excited about one of these projects.  (I’m usually annoyed by them, if anyone cares, but I know it’s supposed to be some parent/child bondage bonding thing.) 
ANYHOW, the reason I was so excited is because he chose to do his on a scene in the book where Curious George is in jail and it looked like this:
Now, look at what a great replica he made with his diorama!  (Excuse the poor photography and just use your imagination…) Dsc00626

We actually printed out the George and he’s just glued to the bench but it looks like he’s sitting there.  Also, note in the picture the mice?  Well in his diorama, we came across a little mouse (in between the stool and the bucket in his creation) while looking through my old doll house furniture and put him in too!  I was really pleased with the outcome.

Now, prepare to be amazed and stunned at my craftiness….  😀

Today after lunch, I told the kids I was simply compelled to sew.  I MUST sew!  I had an idea for some CUTE Christmas fabric that was burning a hole in my head!  I have been wanting to find a peasant style dress with raglan sleeves and have not been able to locate one.   But the other day it hit me…  I could alter a bishop pattern from my smocking patterns and low and behold… it worked!  I have NEVER been able to come up with working patterns before so I was pretty impressed with myself.  The hardest part was the ruffle at the bottom.  Honestly, from cutting the dress out and sewing the entire thing — besides the ruffle– it may have taken me an hour and a half, but that ruffle just about took another 1 1/2 hrs in and of itself!  GR!  Ok, so with no further ado… Bee’s Christmas dress!Dsc00632

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i LOOOVVVEE the dress!!!! And obviosuly Poo has your creative talents!!! That diorama is SO cool…Im seriously impressed…I could never do that good on mine in school! Go Poo! annnd Go Kim! 🙂

Comment by Katester

Cute!! (both projects!!) LOVE the dress. We never do anything like the diarama. Hummmm…. maybe we can do one over our little Chirstmas break, just for fun! (I’ll add it to my list of things I hope to do over the next few weeks!)

Comment by Meg

That dress is darlin’!!! I am inspired now and I want to get some Christmas fabric. His diorama is so cute and creative. I am sure he was proud!!

Comment by kimmy

{{clap, clap, clap}}


I just love the dress and the diorama is incredible!

Comment by caroline

The diorama is so well done and turned out great!
Especially now that I have a daughter, I’d love to learn to sew! That dress is too sweet! Will y’all be here Christmas Sunday? Hope to see it in person!

Comment by Heidi

What a brilliant diorama. And how talented are you with the dress. I can’t even sew buttons on properly so I truly admire skills like yours.

Comment by Sue

I love that dress. I am just learning how to sew and can’t wait until I know enough to do something like that. Can you do my kids dioramas when they get in school? It was so cute.

Comment by Rebecca

Adorable Dress!! And, I love the diorama. Reagan had fun making hers too. We had Amelia Bedilia, so it was a fun project to make…..sadly, I was glad to get it over with!

Comment by penny

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